Xbox Games With Gold June 2023 free games, predictions, leaks

Xbox Games With Gold is still kicking around and we once again have another month with a selection ofXbox Games With Gold June 2023 free games. As usual, your expectations shouldn t be too high for what you will get with the service, but nonetheless, if you are looking forward to this month s games we have everything we know below.

In addition, we will also chronicle any leaks that emerge for the games in June. You can also find our predictions below for the month so you can see whether or not we were right at guessing the games coming to theXboxservice or not.

Xbox Games With Gold June 2023 free games

Ourpredictions for the Xbox Games With Gold June 2023 free gamesare:

  • Bladestorm Nightmare Xbox One
  • The Catch: Carp & Coarse Fishing Xbox One

The actual games will be revealed later in May, just a few days before the month ends. We will update this article once we have the official games.

Our predictions lead with Bladestorm Nightmare an old Xbox One Omega Force game that sees players control up to 4 units with a total of 200 troopers, freely swapping between them on the battlefield to carry out strategies.

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Second up is The Catch: Carp & Coarse Fishing. This fishing game will take you to the wild and have you hunting 25 species of monster-sized fish around the world. Using patience and adrenaline, you will make your catches with top-notch equipment and in varying weather conditions either alone or with your friends.

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That covers everything we know about the Xbox Games With Gold June 2023 games. For even more on Xbox, check out our guide on thebest Xbox Series X gamesyou can play right now.

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