When is the Destiny 2 weekly reset time and daily reset time?

When are the weekly and daily reset times for Destiny 2? There is fresh story content available every week in Destiny 2 under the current seasonal approach. Alongside that, theDestiny weekly resetalso brings with it new weekly challenges, a new Nightfall Strike, Eververse store refreshes, and other content that changes each week. Additionally, there is a daily reset for Destiny 2, as well as new content like bounties. Given the importance of the reset, players are wondering one question: when is the Destiny 2 weekly reset time and daily reset time in Season of the Deep?

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Destiny 2 weekly reset time and daily reset time

The Destiny 2 weekly reset time is 5pm UTC every Tuesday and the daily reset time is the same time but every day of the week.Such is:

  • 6pm BST UK
  • 7pm CEST Europe
  • 10am PDT West Coast US
  • 1pm EDT East Coast US

This accounts for Daylight Saving Time which is active from March to November.

Each Tuesday at weekly reset, the following ritual challenges and activities will reset:

  • Tower Weekly Challenges
  • Crucible Playlist Weekly Challenges
  • Vanguard Ops Weekly Challenges
  • A new Nightfall Strike
  • Gambit Playlist Weekly Challenges
  • Seasonal Weekly Ritual Challenges
  • Vendor Weekly Bounties
  • Raid Challenges, Encounters, and Checkpoints
  • Destination Powerful and Pinnacle Rewards
  • Trials of Osiris Rewards
  • Weekly Clan Engrams and XP Caps
  • Eververse Bright Dust selections
  • Destiny 2 Vex Incursion Zone rotation

Completing these challenges each week will grant you plenty of rewards and currency, and can even be completed across multiple characters for even more rewards.

The following tasks and challenges will restart each day:

Completing your Vendor Daily Bounties each day, such as for the Vanguard playlist, Crucible, or Gunsmith, are among the best methods of acquiring materials, Glimmer, and Season Pass XP. Complete as many as you can each day to get the most out of the daily reset!

That s everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 reset time, including what activities and challenges are affected. In the meantime, have a look at thebest Destiny 2 Titan build,best Destiny 2 Warlock build, and thebest Destiny 2 Hunter buildto give yourself a leg-up on the enemies of the Light.

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