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iPhone Alarm is a great excuse to get out of bed because it begins off softly before gradually turning up the volume if it isn’t stopped. This can occasionally be infuriating, especially on weekends when you’re not feeling very upbeat about facing the sun. In this post, I’ll assist you with the iPhone 13 alarm settings. To modify the alarm sound on an iPhone, follow the instructions in this manual. Adjust it so others won’t find it as unsettling. Also, check the quick key settings to turn off or lower the alarm’s loudness when not needed.

How To Change Alarm Sound on iPhone?

The Clock app has a configuration option for alarms. To view the current alarm, select the second option from the lower menu. Tap on the Plus icon in the top right corner to set a new one. Tap on set-up to make modifications to the current alarm. On an iPhone, the Alarm Sound app is not found in the Clock App. You’ll need to change it through Settings. The steps are listed below.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics
  3. Look for Ringer & Alert
  4. Drag the Bar to the left to reduce sound intensity.
  5. Turn on the option Change with Buttons.

When Adjust with Buttons is enabled, you can lower the iPhone Alarm volume using your volume keys. If the excessive volume of alarms is bothering you a lot, enable it so you may simply reduce it. Thus, this is how iPhone 13/12 or earlier series users can modify alarm loudness. If the volume key on your device is not working,

iPhone Alarm Not Going Off On Its Own, What to do?

You must disable the Snooze settings if the alarm continues to bother you. Using this option, an alarm will sound repeatedly after a set amount of time until you wake up. Once you stop the alarm by turning off Snooze, it won’t ring again. To remove the Snooze feature from iPhone 13 Alarm, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Clock App
  2. Tap on Second Option Alarm
  3. Tap on Setup next to your alarm.
  4. Set Repeat to Never
  5. Drag the Snooze Slider to left.

The alarm will only sound once if you do this. Whichever key you press to silence the alarm will stop it from bothering you again. Use the aforementioned settings if you are convinced that you will awaken on the first ring or that no alarm will wake you up. Otherwise, if you want to avoid missing the wake-up time, it’s best to leave Snooze on.

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