Street Fighter 6 tier list – best characters (May 2023)

Interested to know who tops the list of Street Fighter 6 tier fighters? We have a definitive list of who ranks higher than whom and which characters you should use when entering an online match after investing countless hours with the game and playing as them during several betas.

The character list in Street Fighter 6 is impressive, visually varied, and special. Because of this, each fighter has a unique set of specialties that you will need to use in order to truly thrive with them. You must be able to distinguish between the good and evil Street Fighter 6 characters in order to choose the right one for you. You can achieve it with the aid of our SF6 tier list.

Street Fighter 6 tier list

The Street Fighter 6 tier list as of May 2023 is as follows:

  • S-Tier Ryu, Guile, Kimberly, Juri
  • A-Tier Luke, Chun-Li, Ken
  • B-Tier Jamie


In the current state of the game, S-Tier characters are at the peak of their game. They are simple to learn, quickly dominate everyone else, and/or have a sophisticated set of moves that you can take advantage of.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Ryu can be seen


Ryu is the iconic, first-generation face of Street Fighter, and in Street Fighter 6, he is just as fierce and powerful as he has nearly always been. If you use your combos wisely, his potent special attacks combined with the weight of his huge body (literally) allow him to absolutely smash his opponents in an online encounter.

When it comes to selecting Ryu in an online match and fully using everything his moveset has to offer, you can’t go wrong.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Guile can be seen


Many people weren’t expecting Guile to do as well as some of the other characters on this list, making him a surprise entry into the S-Tier. His supers, on the other hand, may seriously catch you off guard and pin you into a corner, and they are deadly. Therefore, if you are playing him, you should utilize each utility choice to the fullest.

Guile is a challenging character to master, but once you do, you can expect to advance in the competitive mode.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Kimberly can be seen


The simplest S-Tier character to understand is Kimberly. She can constantly keep your opponent guessing with to her bouncy moveset, simple specials, and mobility, leaving them in awe of some of the moves you are able to execute. She also has some amazing special moves that really shine and showcase Street Fighter 6’s new aesthetics.

You would be stupid to ignore Kimberly on the roster because she is one of the best new characters in the Street Fighter 6 series.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Juri can be seen


Juri is a fan favorite who is back, and as usual, her legs steal the show. She can truly outperform everyone on the roster thanks to her exceptional kick potential and combo potential, especially considering the amount of damage her combos can deal.

Some essential components of Juri’s toolkit are covered in our Street Fighter 6 Juri guide. However, experienced Juri players should be feared.

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You may still win battles and do well by choosing the A-Tier characters in the game. They aren’t quite as powerful as those in the rung above, though.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Luke can be seen


Luke is back from Street Fighter 5, albeit with a new design and several well-known moves. With long-reaching blows and a variety of hard-hitting super moves, the master puncher may fully pin opponents in a corner.

Luke is an excellent choice if you want a decent novice character to pick-up because of his unequaled raw power, which sets him apart from the game’s behemoth tanky fighters.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Chun Li can be seen


Chun-Li is in the A-tier because she is exceedingly challenging to master, which is the only thing keeping her from being in the top tier. However, despite this, Chun-Li players will frequently be the ones that irritate you the most because of her grace, aerial control, and strength, which can really overwhelm newbies.

You may totally narrow the distance between you and your opponent by making use of her moves, combos, kicks, and range. So Chun-Li is your woman if you’re seeking for a high-finesse character.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Ken can be seen


Fans of the character will enjoy how Ken plays in Street Fighter 6 and he enters at the A-Tier. If you prefer characters with a wide variety of punches and kicks, Ken is definitely one to pick up. He has a new appearance but many of his classic moves.

Then you may combine these into combos to cause massive amounts of damage or to keep your opponent’s back against the wall for a considerable amount of time.

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The B-Tier characters are acceptable choices, but you won’t be able to use them as fully formed characters due to problems with their moveset or the fact that they are centered around a single mechanic.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Jamie can be seen


The only person occupying the B-Tier right now is Jamie. While this newcomer undoubtedly has a lot of style and fits the stereotype of the inebriated warrior that many players were searching for, his primary mechanic falls short.

The majority of Jamie’s power comes from increasing his alcohol intake while playing, but it is also his downfall. If you are unable to do so or if your opponent prevents you from getting any alcohol, you will find that you are seriously deficient in power.

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Our Street Fighter 6 tier list is now complete. As previously noted, this rating is the result of countless hours spent playing through numerous betas. Once the release date for Street Fighter 6 arrives, you can anticipate everyone else to fall into place on this list and the emergence of some definite standouts. Street Fighter 6 is, after all, proving to be one of the best fighting games. Therefore, experienced fighters should find someone they like.

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