What is Shortcut For Strikethrough? A Complete Guide in 2023!

A word or sentence crossed out with a strikethrough actually draws attention to what it crosses out. The entire Microsoft Office suite includes this specialized formatting tool, but you may also use it with other text editors and messaging apps.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint shortcuts for striking out text are discussed. You will also learn the keyboard shortcuts for various different word formatting effects.


shortcut for strikethrough

Using Word’s strikethrough feature is a breeze. Choose some text, then hit the strikethrough button on the toolbar’s Home tab to eliminate it.

However, you don’t wish to remove your fingers from the keyboard. If that’s the case, there are two keyboard shortcuts you can use to create a strikethrough without using the mouse.

Shortcut 1

You can use a shortcut key combination to get the single strikethrough effect instantly.

To do this quickly on a PC, use Alt + H + 4. So, after selecting a word, phrase, or even an entire paragraph, you may use these keys to make changes.

If you’re using a Mac, use Cmd+Shift+X on the keyboard. To strikethrough text, just select it and press the appropriate keyboard combination.

Shortcut 2

Shortcut Even when using the same software, a PC and a Mac will look very different from one another. In the next stage, we’ll go through each component separately.

On a PC

You can open a new window with additional font choices by pressing Ctrl+D. The current Font size, style, and format are displayed in this window. You may find the Strikethrough option in the Effects menu, or use the keyboard shortcut (Alt + K).

Ctrl + D + Alt + K is the second shortcut, to review. The first step is, of course, to pick the appropriate sentence or term. And while you’re at it, check out the rest of the available effects! The following is an abbreviated guide, complete with features and shortcuts:

Alt + L for a double strikethrough
Alt + P for Superscript
Alt + B for subscript
Alt + M for small caps
Italics – Option + A
Invisible (Press Alt + H)
You can get by without memorizing every single shortcut. Each effect label has one letter highlighted if you look closely. That’s the key combination—that letter plus Alt—that sets off the effect.


You’ll want to customize the shortcut keys on your Mac. But have no fear; it’s much easier than you think!

Launch Microsoft Word, and then select Tools from the menu bar. Then select the option “Keyboard Layout”

In the new window that opens, select “All Commands” from the drop-down list under “Categories,” and then use the search field to look for the shortcut you want to create (or modify).

Input the desired shortcut and then select Ok at the bottom.

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shortcut for strikethrough

PowerPoint also provides two options for adding a strikethrough. Since the initial technique uses the standard keyboard shortcut for Microsoft Office, it is unnecessary to devote a whole section to it. To be more specific, in PowerPoint, you choose the text box and then hit the shortcut keys Alt + H + 4. Please note that this method and shortcut are only compatible with PC.

It is not necessary to press the keys simultaneously. This sequence/tip also works in Word: press Alt, then H, then 4.

In PowerPoint for Mac, select the Strikethrough option from the Ribbon or use the Command+T keyboard shortcut to get the ‘Strikethrough’ option.

Font Dialog Box Method

To open the Font dialog box, hit Ctrl + T (cmd + T on a Mac), then press Alt + the appropriate letter, just as you would in Word. To strike through text, press Alt + K; otherwise, use the keyboard commands specified above, with one notable exception. Word lacks the functionality represented by the keyboard shortcuts Alt + E, which is Offset.

The Font dialog box can also be accessed by pressing the keys Control + Shift + F or Control + Shift + P. Ctrl+T is the quickest and easiest way, no doubt.


shortcut for strikethrough

It should come as no surprise at this point that Excel’s strikethrough can be applied using one of two methods/shortcuts. Sure enough, Excel comes with its own Font dialogue box, only it’s named Format Cells. Let’s check out some examples of using quick cuts.

An Easy Shortcut

To strikethrough a cell or cells, select them and press Ctrl + 5. To undo the strikethrough, simply press the key combination again, or use Ctrl + Z. Remember that this is a choice solely for PC users.

Make Tables

To enter the Format Cells window, press Ctrl + 1 (Control + 1 on a Mac), and then pick the cells you want to strikethrough. The format of this window differs slightly from that of Excel and Word. The Font tab, which you seek, is one of several new additions.

As before, press Alt + K to strike through text; press Alt + E or B for superscript or subscript, respectively.

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Various Programs

The strikethrough formatting option is also available in Google Docs. To cut and paste selected text, use Ctrl+Shift+X (Cmd+Shift+X on a Mac).

Not quite a strikethrough key, but there is a fast way to accomplish it in some chat programs. Put in front of and in the back of the text you want to strike through (without the spaces) when you type your message, as in: “This TJ article is about strikethrough shortcuts.” You can use this with WhatsApp, Slack, and a few other similar apps.

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