Rise of the Ronin release date window, story, gameplay

When is the Rise of the Ronin release date?The upcoming new IP from the talented team at Team Ninja is exclusive for those on PlayStation 5, and if you re looking for an incredible open world action game, then Rise of the Ronin should be on your wishlist.

This game is the next title to arrive from the developer, with the latest game from the team, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, being praised by critics, including us inour review. We re hoping this will be one of thebest PS5 games, as well as one of thebest PS5 open world games, when it finally arrives, but when can you start playing?

Rise of the Ronin release date window

The Rise of the Ronin release date is currently set for 2024, with the game coming exclusively to PS5. The release window was announced during the reveal trailer for the game in a State of Play livestream in 2022.

While there s no confirmation of a PC or Xbox release date just yet, there s a chance that the title might be a timed exclusive game. However, for now, you ll only be able to play Rise of the Ronin on PS5 when it launches.

Rise of the Ronin story

Rise of the Ronin casts you as the titular Ronin in 19th century Japan as it faces its darkest of times. Oppressive rulers, deadly diseases, and western influence creeps through the country and is slowly scarring it as a civil war rages on between the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Anti-Shogunate factions.

Bound to no master, you seek to make choices of your own as your traverse through the open world during Japan s most critical revolution. On your journey, you will meet a wide cast of characters with their own motivations and sense of justice that you can choose to side with or against.

Rise of the Ronin gameplay

Very little is known about the Rise of the Ronin gameplay just yet, but it appears to be sticking close to what Team Ninja has done in the past with, intense close-quarters sword-fighting. However, the added elements of a firearm from the time period and the open-world level design seem to be the major features that make thisTeam Ninjas most ambitious and challenging project .

We also saw in the gameplay trailer some additional ways to traverse the open world, such as a glider and horseback. You can watch that trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

That s everything we know about the Rise of the Ronin release date right now, but we can expect to hear more about the game from Team Ninja soon. For now, check out thebest games of all timeto start playing through your backlog, as you may be waiting for this game for a while.

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