PS Plus October 2023 games predictions, leaks for PS5, PS4

We will have three games to look forward to for both PS5 and PS4 fans in the October 2023 PS Plus lineup. However, what might be in the lineup for this month, and when will the three games be revealed?

Here’s a summary of the titles that will be released whenever they are disclosed, coupled with our personal predictions for the upcoming month. Our estimate of what we might see this month is very accurate, and we believe it could atone for the subpar games that were part of the PS Plus September 2023 roster.

PS Plus October 2023 games

On the last Wednesday of the month, October 2023, the PS Plus games for that month will be revealed. They will be accessible on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

Our PS5 and PS4 October 2023 PS Plus game predictions are:

  • Scorn PS5
  • Chernobylite PS5, PS4
  • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered PS4

PS Plus October 2023 Games: A creature can be seen

Scorn PS5

Tuesday, October 3, 2023, is when Scorn is scheduled to launch on PS5, and we believe it will be a successful Halloween day one launch for the service. The original puzzle game provides an experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever played—it’s disgustingly terrifying.

In our review of Spore last year, we found it enjoyable because of its powerful imagery, eerie mood, and graphic art style. Even though the fighting isn’t flawless, it’s a brief enough encounter to make the PS5 version worthwhile.

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PS Plus October 2023 Games: Two soldiers can be seen

Chernobylite PS5, PS4

A distinctive survival-horror perspective on the post-apocalyptic world is provided by this science fiction role-playing game. You will navigate a non-linear narrative as you explore the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, learning the truth about your traumatic history.

It would be a fantastic role-playing game to get into, with its fierce fighting, intricate RPG features, and numerous upgrades since launch.

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PS Plus October 2023 Games: Multiple cars can be seen

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered PS4

The cherished racing game was remastered by EA and launched back in 2020 to positive reviews. Furthermore, we believe that Forza Motorsport—which will launch on Xbox in October—would be a compelling attraction for PlayStation gamers seeking a racing game. Moreover, EA enjoys putting their titles on PS Plus.

Thus, we believe that it is quite likely to occur.

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That covers our pre-release projections for the PS Plus October 2023 games as well. The games this month should be quite good since the Fall release season is about to get underway. Why not check out some of the top PS5 games available right now while you wait for the games to download?

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