Pragmata release date window, gameplay, story

When will Pragmata be released? The next action game from Capcom will focus on a little girl and someone wearing a futuristic astronaut suit and transport us to a bleak, near-future version of Earth. From what we have seen so far, there is also a bizarre cyborg cat in addition to some intriguing sci-fi devices.

Pragmata might be among the top PS5 space games. The new IP from the creators of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil should be included to your next PlayStation 5 games and forthcoming Xbox games lists for those looking for an extraordinary experience. Here is all the information you need to know right now on the release date of the game.

Pragmata release date window

The release of Pragmata on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC is scheduled for 2023. The game’s intended 2022 release date was postponed in November 2021, but nothing has been said since. As a result, it seems unlikely that the game would release during this window; instead, it may be delayed much further.

Only one teaser and the news of the delay in 2021 have been released since the game was first announced in June 2020. Given that the Pragmata Twitter account hasn’t updated since the postponement, we should soon learn some new details about the game, perhaps at the June Summer Games Fest if it’s still in development.

Pragmata gameplay

Although Capcom hasn’t released any official footage of Pragmata, we anticipate the developer to keep to its strengths given that the game’s retail pages emphasize sci-fi action. Given that these titles are referenced in the Pragmata listing on the PlayStation Store, this indicates gameplay akin to Resident Evil or Devil May Cry.

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We’ll update this page as soon as Capcom releases some official gameplay for the upcoming game so you can see everything Pragmata has to offer.

Pragmata story

There aren’t many information regarding Pragmata’s plot, but based on what we can gather from the announcement trailer and the game’s descriptions, the astronaut and young girl will play a prominent role in a dystopian future.

In the announcement trailer, we first see the astronaut traversing a deserted New York before they launch a flare-like capsule into the air and use a device to view holograms. A satellite crashes through the mirror-like skyline, which isn’t as real as it once appeared, after a brief period of glitching in the sky. The astronaut grabs the young girl and tries to use a device to grasp the satellite before they are propelled into the moon as everything on the ground begins to float toward it.

Pragmata release date: Astronaut firing a flare-like capsule in New York in announcement trailer

The game’s sole video offers little in the way of plot or narrative, but given that the game’s key graphic depicts being on the moon, we think it will center on some bizarre events that happen in space. However, since there isn’t a summary, you’ll have to make assumptions based on the scant details we do know.

That completes our knowledge of the Pragmata release date. It’s terrible that we haven’t heard much about the game since its announcement, but we’re optimistic that if it does release, it will rank among the best games of all time.

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