NBA 2K24 release date speculation, reveal date prediction

When will NBA 2K24 be available? 2K Sports are expected to once again kick off the Basketball season with another NBA game that features a number of innovations, interesting gameplay additions, and features. But, when is this year s game set to release, what platforms could it arrive on, and when will we see more?

Like the previous games in the series, predicting when theNBA 2K24release date will be is quite easy as 2K has stuck to a consistent pattern for the last few years. But, when it comes to when you will get to see the game, that is harder to predict, but we have a good idea of when it will be shown off this Summer.

NBA 2K24 release date speculation

The NBA 2K24 release date is expected to be September 8, 2023, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This date is a good estimate as 2K s NBA series almost always releases in the first two or three weeks of September each year.

Dates of previous NBA 2K game releases:

Game Release Date
NBA 2K23 September 8, 2022
NBA 2K22 September 10, 2021
NBA 2K21 September 4, 2020
NBA 2K20 September 6, 2019
NBA 2K19 September 11, 2018
NBA 2K18 September 19, 2017
NBA 2K17 September 20, 2016
NBA 2K16 September 29, 2015

While no official date has been confirmed yet, we can t see a scenario where 2K diverts from this release schedule. We also will likely see the game skip PS4 and Xbox One for the first year, just as the consoles are 10 years old this year. However, 2K hasn’t provided any evidence of this.

NBA 2K24 reveal prediction

NBA 2K24 is likely to be revealed in late June 2023 or in July 2023, following on from last year s reveal which took place around the same time. 2K hasn t made any indication of when NBA 2K24 will be announced yet, however, so this is a guess on our part.

The reveal will likely kick off with cover stars being unveiled, before gameplay then follows that up in the weeks after. Expect t2K to also go in-depth on the many mode changes that come with MyCareer, MyTeam, and more.

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So there you have it, what we can expect from this year s game and when the NBA 2K24 release date may end up landing. While you wait to jump in why not check out thebest Xbox gamesand thebest PS5 gamesto play on your shiny current-generation consoles?

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