NBA 2K24 release date speculation, reveal date prediction

When will NBA 2K24 be available? Another NBA game from 2K Sports is anticipated to launch the basketball season with a number of novelties, intriguing gameplay upgrades, and features. However, when will the game for this year be released, what platforms would it be available on, and when will we learn more?

It is simple to anticipate when NBA 2K24 will be released because 2K has followed a similar trend for the past few years, just like the prior games in the series. nonetheless, it is more difficult to determine when you will be able to watch the game; nonetheless, we have a good notion of when it will be showcased this Summer.

NBA 2K24 release date speculation

On September 8, 2023, NBA 2K24 is anticipated to be released for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Since 2K’s NBA series generally typically debuts in the first two or three weeks of September each year, this date is a good prediction.

Dates of previous NBA 2K game releases:

Game Release Date
NBA 2K23 September 8, 2022
NBA 2K22 September 10, 2021
NBA 2K21 September 4, 2020
NBA 2K20 September 6, 2019
NBA 2K19 September 11, 2018
NBA 2K18 September 19, 2017
NBA 2K17 September 20, 2016
NBA 2K16 September 29, 2015

We don’t see a situation where 2K deviates from this release plan, despite the fact that no official date has been confirmed as of yet. Additionally, considering that the PS4 and Xbox One are turning 10 years old this year, the game will probably bypass them for the first year. However, 2K hasn’t provided any evidence of this.

NBA 2K24 reveal prediction

The release of NBA 2K24 is anticipated for late June or early July 2023, after the release of the previous year’s game at roughly the same time. However, 2K hasn’t yet given any indication of when NBA 2K24 will be revealed, so this is just our best guess.

Cover stars are probably going to be revealed first, followed by gameplay in the weeks that follow. Expect t2K to go into great detail on the several mode changes that come with MyTeam, MyCareer, and other features.

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So there you have it—what we can anticipate from this year’s game and when NBA 2K24 might actually debut. Why not check out the top Xbox games and top PS5 games to play on your sleek current-generation systems while you wait to get in?

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