Marathon release date speculation, gameplay details, and more

When will the movie Marathon be released? It’s a date that enthusiasts of extraction shooters will likely be anticipating. Bungie, the creator of Destiny 2, is giving one of its earliest IPs a futuristic sci-fi makeover in an effort to gain market share in the extraction shooter category. How much do we now know about this fascinating new initiative, and when will it begin?

There’s a significant probability that Marathonwill be among the finest competitive FPS games when it does eventually release because of its history in producing excellent shooters. This will be a really high-stakes extraction shooter with a PvP focus and a distinctive visual aesthetic.

Marathon release date speculation

The Marathon is scheduled for release in late 2025, according to our predictions. Even while Bungie hasn’t provided a release window or date, we think this prediction is accurate given that the game wasn’t released until May 2023 and that CEO Pete Parsons previously stated he wants other franchises besides Destiny to be operational by 2025.

When Marathon does release, Bungie has announced that it will be available on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Insider Gaming published the initial rumors about the Marathon revival in October 2022. According to its rumor, Bungie would be bringing back the Marathon IP and changing it into an extraction shooter, which is recently shown to be true. The game was reportedly in pre-alpha at the time, according to Insider Gaming’s sources.

In an interview he gave to IGN in 2019, Parson mentioned starting a new franchise before 2025.

Marathon platforms

Marathon, a new extraction shooter from Bungie, will debut on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Yes, there will be full Marathon crossplay and cross-save capability, similar like in Destiny 2.

Marathon gameplay

Although we haven’t really seen any gameplay, we do already know a few things about Marathon.

As shown in the reveal trailer’s image below and verified by Bungie in its Marathon Vidoc, which you can view a little lower down in this guide, you’ll be competing in teams of three players for Marathon. Although it’s unclear if you’ll be able to play alone or with a partner, the gameplay seems to have been designed with three players on the squad.

marathon release date: three robotic figures in green and white gear point weapons and survey the area

What’s more is revealed by a quick overview of Marathon’s gameplay on its own website: In the newest sci-fi PvP extraction shooter from Bungie, become a Runner. Compete for survival, wealth, and fame in a persistent universe of developing zones, where each run can result in greatness.

Entering a match and extracting with artifacts is Marathon’s goal. The major function of artifacts, which vary in size, value, and importance, seems to be the ability to access new areas of the map. Chris Barrett, the director of the game, describes such an instance in the Marathon Vidoc.

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Consider the scenario where a crew member finds an alien key, places it on the altar, and is subsequently immortalized for unlocking the next zone. And, he continues, they must go figure out how to let everyone else inside that [zone].

Although PvP encounters will be the main focus of Marathon, there will also be PvE components.AI-controlled foes will be present, according to a Q+A with Barrett and general manager Scott Taylor.

Barrett, Taylor, and senior design lead Lars Bakken, who together have over 50 years of experience at Bungie, are all members of the leadership team in charge of Marathon’s development. As a result, the game will feel characteristically Bungie, which means that you can anticipate amazing weapon feel and gorgeous, evocative environment architecture that is rich in lore and offers opportunity for amazing adventure, according to Barrett.

Marathon story

Marathon takes place on the Tau Ceti IV planet in the far future. According to Bungie, a colony of 30,000 souls that settled there have gone and a huge ghost ship floats in low orbit over the planet.

You take on the role of a Runner who visits the planet in search of information and treasure. Strange signals point to enigmatic relics, dormant AI, and limitless wealth.

That is all we currently know on the Marathon release date and Bungie’s upcoming extraction shooter. Destiny 2 The Final Shape, the final expansion of the game’s Light and Dark narrative, is also scheduled for release and is, of course, not the only project Bungie is working on. Oh, and did you know there is a connection between the Marathon and Destiny worlds? When it comes to lore, Bungie sure digs deep.

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