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When will Lords of the Fallen be released? The Lords of the Fallen is a remake of the cult favorite action-RPG souls-like by CI Games. Axiom and Umbral are two parallel universes that players must travel through in the 2023 reboot, taking out various foes and bosses along the way. But when is the release date for Lord of the Fallen?

This is not the Lords of the Fallen you remember from 2014; instead, it is set a thousand years or more after the first title. During our Lords of the Fallen peek at GDC 2023 in San Francisco, we saw that the world will be more than five times bigger and that the lone protagonist has been replaced with a character creator to create a real RPG experience.

Lords of the Fallen release date rumor

On Friday, October 13, 2023, the video game Lords of the Fallen will be made available for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam PC. In May 2023, this was revealed in a brand-new gameplay clip, which also verified an earlier leak from reputable leaker ALumia_Italia.

Since it is a current-gen exclusive, the game won’t be available on Nintendo Switch or last-gen consoles.

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Lords of the Fallen story

Adyr has been defeated after an era of the cruelest tyranny, and his resurrection is approaching after millennia. Travel through the worlds of the living and the dead while facing off against enormous threats as one of the legendary Dark Crusaders.

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The Lords of the Fallen gameplay

For the first time in the series, smooth online co-op gaming will be available in The Lords of the Fallen in addition to the well-known souls-like experience. A total of nine character classes with complete character customization choices are available, along with more than 100 devastating weapons ranging from metal to arcane strikes.

In addition to ordinary fighting, your lantern has the power to travel between the Umbral-cloaked parallel world and the Axiom-overworld.

The umbral will serve as your character’s purgatory in addition to being employed as a traversal and puzzle-solving mechanic. If you find an anchor point in the Umbral world before it’s too late and your health bar reaches zero, you will have a chance to be revived. However, if you do pass away in Umbral, you will experience a real soul-like death and lose all of your hard-earned advancement.

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You may anticipate seeing even more gameplay from Lords of the Fallen as launch day approaches. When it releases, will this title rank among the top RPGs for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox? We intend to make up for the subpar first game that didn’t quite live up to expectations.

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