Is Lego 2K Drive crossplay?

With an ever increasing amount of games allowing you to play with friends on different consoles, you may be wonderingif Lego 2K Drive is crossplaytoo. The upcoming racing game will be great for family and friends alike, but can they play with you if you re playing on another platform?

As we approach theLego 2K Drive release date, we re hoping to explore theLego 2K Drive mapswith our friends, no matter where they play. And with the freedom of expression available inLego 2K Drive, you ll likely want to show of your favourite creations to your friends.

Is Lego 2K Drive crossplay?

Lego 2K Drive features crossplay between PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch players can only play with others on the same console.

In the multiplayer page for theLego 2K Drive website, developer Visual Concepts confirms that you can play with up to six friends in a game mode called Shared World. Not only that, but you can also join races online with random players in a mode called Play with Everyone, both of which feature crossplay.

In Play with Everyone, you can invite two of your friends to the races, however, communication is disabled in this mode for safety and a welcoming environment. Matchmaking will pair you with other players who are of the same skill level.

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As for why Nintendo Switch players can t join in on the fun, it s likely due to the fact that the Switch version of the game will run at lower visual settings, and a lower framerate. PlayStation or Xbox players will have the advantage in races, and it won t be fair for those on the Switch. If you want another racing game to play instead, you can check out ourbest Switch racing gameslist.

That s all of the details you need to know about Lego 2K Drive crossplay. Before we head to Bricklandia, why not find out ifLego 2K Drive is open worldor not. And if you re counting down the hours before you can play Lego 2K Drive, why not check out thebest PS5 racing gamesandbest Xbox racing gamesto play before the latest Lego game arrives.

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