Is Lego 2K Drive crossplay?

You might be wondering if Lego 2K Drive is cross-playable given the growing number of titles that support multiplayer play across consoles. The new racing game will be fantastic for both friends and family, but can they join you if you’re playing on a different platform?

As the release date of Lego 2K Drive draws near, we want to play wherever our friends are and explore the game’s maps with them. You’ll probably want to show off your favorite creations to your buddies given the freedom of expression offered by Lego 2K Drive.

Is Lego 2K Drive crossplay?

Between PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms, Lego 2K Drive supports crossplay. Players of the Nintendo Switch must compete against opponents using the same console, which is unfortunate.

Developer Visual Concepts says that the Shared World game option in Lego 2K Drive allows for multiplayer play with up to six buddies. Additionally, both modes—Play with Everyone and Online Races—offer crossplay and allow you to join races with random players online.

You can invite two friends to the races in Play with Everyone, but communication is disabled for everyone’s safety and the sake of a friendly environment. Your skill level will be taken into account when matching you up with other players.

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Because the Switch version of the game will run at reduced graphic settings and a lower framerate, Nintendo Switch users won’t be able to join in the fun. It won’t be fair for Switch players because PlayStation or Xbox players will have the advantage in races. You can choose another racing game to play by looking through our selection of the top Switch racing games.

That is all there is to know about crossplay for Lego 2K Drive. Find out if Lego 2K Drive is open world before we go on to Bricklandia. Check out the finest racing games for the PS5 and Xbox to play before the release of the newest Lego game if you’re counting down the minutes till you can play Lego 2K Drive.

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