Is Final Fantasy 16 open world?

FF16 has an open world, right? Even if Final Fantasy 16 will transport us to a completely other setting, it makes sense that you might be wondering whether the game’s open-world predecessor, Final Fantasy 15, will be followed by the map.

Fortunately, we already know whether the newest installment in the series will allow players to freely explore an open world before Final Fantasy 16 ever launches. So, if you’re eager to meet every member of the Final Fantasy 16 cast, find out if you’re free to wander throughout Valisthea.

Is Final Fantasy 16 open world?

The world in Final Fantasy 16 is not open.Instead, the game includes a number of expansive places that you can all visit again and explore after finishing the primary goal there. Producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed this in an interview with PLAY Magazine.

You will return to The Hideaway, the game’s primary center and operational base, after completing the main mission in each region. The Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway is the ideal location to locate side quests, buy or make new equipment, or upgrade your existing equipment. The next option is to either continue the story or go back and investigate earlier regions.

If we had a development period of about 15 years, we may have had the opportunity to challenge ourselves with an open world, so we d be waiting a long time for a Final Fantasy sequel with an open world again, Naoki Yoshida said in an interview with Famitsu magazine.

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You can explore all of Valisthea’s kingdoms with the map in Final Fantasy 16. The many Final Fantasy 16 Eikons, which are known as summons in the rest of the Final Fantasy series, may also be found and seen in Valisthea, albeit each leader of the kingdom is represented by one of them rather than acting as the main character’s battle support.

Additionally, we think that the primary story’s framework wouldn’t work effectively in an open environment. The story follows Clive Rosfield’s life over three distinct time periods, all of which come together to make up the entire experience. A linear world makes it simpler to pace the story so that certain crucial plot points can develop.

You can choose whether to buy Final Fantasy 16 now that you are aware of why the game isn’t open world like its predecessor. However, given how well the Final Fantasy 16 previews have been received thus far, we anticipate it will be worthwhile. There are a ton of games on our list of the top PS5 RPGs that you can start playing to pass the time, though, before it shows up.

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