Is Final Fantasy 16 multiplayer co-op?

Despite offering different stories most of the time, the Final Fantasy series always put an emphasis on friends and party members, so it s no surprise that you re wondering aboutFinal Fantasy 16 multiplayer, and whether the game offers any co-op gameplay at all. Clive may be the focus of the latest RPG game from Square Enix, but it would be nice to bring a friend along for the ride.

We re fast approaching theFinal Fantasy 16 release dateand quietly hoping that the game is one of thebest PS5 RPG gamesavailable. But for those of you praying that you ll be able to play with your friends as you meet all of theFinal Fantasy 16 characters, we ve got some bad news for you.

Is Final Fantasy 16 multiplayer co-op?

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 16 offers no multiplayer or co-op components and is purely a single-player title, as confirmed by theSquare Enix support centerfor the game, indicating the maximum number of players is one.

This may not be surprising to many of you, considering very few Final Fantasy games offer multiplayer. However, for others, it may be a shock since Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy 16, is the director of Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG game in the series.

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That doesn t mean that the game will never have a multiplayer mode though. Final Fantasy XV had a post-launch DLC expansion called Comrades, which introduced multiplayer into the game. Unfortunately, no plans for DLC content have been confirmed for Final Fantasy 16 yet.

Now you know that there s no Final Fantasy 16 multiplayer, you can decide whether you still want to play the latest PS5 exclusive. If you re still hoping to follow Clive s story, find out how long the game is with ourFinal Fantasy 16 lengthguide. If not, there are plenty of titles available in ourbest PS5 co-op gameslist to play with friends.

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