Is Final Fantasy 16 multiplayer co-op?

It’s not surprising that you’re curious about Final Fantasy 16 multiplayer and whether the game even allows co-op gameplay because, despite typically featuring separate plots, the Final Fantasy series always placed a strong focus on friends and party members. Although Clive is the main character in Square Enix’s most recent RPG, having a friend along for the voyage would be wonderful.

Final Fantasy 16’s release date is quickly approaching, and we’re silently hoping that it’ll be among the best PS5 RPGs ever. But if you’re hoping to play Final Fantasy 16 with your pals as you get to know all the characters, we’ve got some terrible news for you.

Is Final Fantasy 16 multiplayer co-op?

Sadly, Final Fantasy 16 lacks multiplayer and cooperative functions. It is solely a single-player game, as stated on the game’s Square Enix support center page.

Many people would not be surprised by this given how rarely Final Fantasy games have multiplayer. Others, though, might find it surprising because Final Fantasy XIV, the series’ MMORPG game, is directed by Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy 16.

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That does not imply, however, that the game will never include a multiplayer component. Comrades, a post-launch DLC expansion for Final Fantasy XV, added multiplayer to the title. Unfortunately, no plans for DLC material for Final Fantasy 16 have been officially announced.

You can now decide if you still want to play the most recent PS5 exclusive now that you are aware that there is no Final Fantasy 16 multiplayer. See our Final Fantasy 16 length guide if you’re still hoping to play through Clive’s story in its entirety. If not, there are a ton of games you can play with buddies on our best PS5 co-op games list.

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