Is a Final Fantasy 16 Xbox release in development?

Will Xbox ever get Final Fantasy 16? With its debut on PS5 less than a month away, gamers who own Microsoft’s newest consoles are eager to see whether they will be able to dive in and explore Valisthea or if they will be cursed to miss out on the entrance forever and it will be another Square Enix game to skip the platform.

Square Enix has had a mixed track record with Xbox releases, but there has been some recent optimism for Final Fantasy fans, especially with the release of the PC remake of Final Fantasy 7 and the Xbox version of Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion. But have Sony and Square Enix once again let Xbox players down with Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16 Xbox release

There hasn’t been a Final Fantasy 16 Xbox release mentioned, and it seems the game will never be available on Xbox systems. As part of an exclusive agreement, Sony reportedly forbade Square Enix from publishing the game on Xbox. This is a result of Microsoft’s ongoing acquisition of Activision, which KoreaXboxNewsfirst has been covering.

Because of this exclusion, Xbox users are unlikely to ever see the game arrive on Xbox Series X|S or any upcoming platforms. However, Final Fantasy 16 appears to be slated for a PC release.

So, if you want to meet the characters from Final Fantasy 16 or explore the huge world of Valisthea, you’ll either need to buy a PS5 or wait for the game to release on PC. Otherwise, you may see a lot of the game in the most recent PlayStation State of Play if you want to whet your appetite for what may end up being one of the best RPG games before then.

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It appears that Final Fantasy 16 will not be released for Xbox. Other games are still available for you to play right now. There are RPGs on the Game Pass games list as well as some of the greatest Xbox RPGs currently on the market.

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