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When will the movie Hyenas be released? The creators of Alien Isolation and a number other PC strategy games, Creative Assembly, have released a brand-new, innovative first-person shooter called Hyenas. The game, which takes place in space, challenges you to find merchandise while battling other players to be the last team standing.

In terms of public showcases, we haven’t seen much of the game so yet. However, Creative Assembly regularly conducts closed, private playtests. As a result, some information has leaked along with some gameplay! The Hyenas release date, which may rank among the top competitive FPS games, will be chronicled in this post as it develops through time.

Hyenas release date speculation

Given that the game is being thoroughly tested and played on PC, the Hyenas release date is most likely to be somewhere in 2023 or early 2024. However, Creative Assembly has not yet made a firm window public.

If the game hasn’t been postponed, we should learn more about a release date this summer, perhaps at the Summer Game Fest as SEGA has confirmed their attendance at the Geoff Keighley-hosted event. Before the game launches, there will almost probably be public playtests, since Creative Assembly still has a lot to show off for it. Beyond PC and consoles, the studio must also reveal additional platforms for the game, which is quite ambiguous.

Hyenas release date: Multiple companies can be seen

Hyenas story

After the world has been destroyed, the narrative of the hyenas takes place. While the wealthy choose to settle on Mars, the majority of humanity is stuck in a deplorable circling slum called The Taint. In an effort to advance your standing, you can buy priceless pop-culture items that have been recovered from the destroyed Earth and are being sold on the Plundership, a gigantic retail ship.

The Hyenas are skilled thieves, taking these goods and going after the Mars elite where it hurts. Getting hold of a lot of vintage SEGA gear for brands like Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio, and others sucks.

Hyenas gameplay

Except for the initial reveal in 2022, we haven’t yet seen much official Hyenas gameplay. However, a sizable quantity of gameplay footage, including scenes from online battles and Zero-G combat, has been released online. You can, however, view the gameplay right now on IGN.

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Although leaked gameplay from a playtest showed off the game’s basic gameplay mechanics—five teams of three players compete against one another while fighting in zero gravity and uncovering vaults all across the area to gather loot—we should hopefully get an official look at gameplay in the near future.

Creative Assembly has revealed a lot about the game as you wait for the Hyenas release date, including the news that they have been collaborating with drag queens to help bring the Galaxia character in the game to life. Additionally, we were impressed with Hyenas during our time with it at Gamescom 2022, but we also noted that it has to concentrate on its standout features rather than creating a formulaic marketing strategy for the shooter.

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