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Text messages on Android may not function for a variety of reasons, including faulty connections and obsolete settings. Try these steps to solve the issue.

Using your Android smartphone to make a call? Unless you’re a member of Generation Z or the millennial generation, probably not. You’ll be texting, using WhatsApp, and more in its place.

How to Track Lost Device with Android Device Manager

How to Track Lost Device with Android Device Manager

You’ll require network connectivity if you’re using Android to send a regular text message. Sadly, SMS isn’t the most dependable method for sending messages. You could not get any text messages at all if you’re using the native Messages app for Android for a variety of reasons.


Here are a few troubleshooting techniques you can use if you’re having difficulties receiving messages on Android.

Note: Because Android experiences vary between devices and versions, the procedures below might not be completed exactly as described. But, it ought to give you a good idea of the appropriate steps for your device.

The battery settings on your Android phone should be one of the first things you check. Although you want your battery to survive the entire day, some battery-saving modes can prevent you from receiving SMS. Power or battery conservation mode is a setting that should obviously be disabled.

Yet Adaptive Battery is a setting that is frequently overlooked. It is an AI-powered function seen in contemporary Android phones running Android 9.0 and higher. It anticipates which app you’ll use next and lets frequently used apps operate in the background. This feature may be interfering with your ability to receive texts if you haven’t texted in a while.

  • Features group chat for easy communication among members.
  • Supports sending real-time alerts about others location sign-ins.
  • Drive Care connects with a representative in case of emergencies.
  • Offers safety features like crash detection and roadside assistance.

To turn off Android’s adaptive battery:

  • Free plan allows placing just 2 alerts and gives a 2-day location history.
  • Free plan misses features like crime reports, emergency response etc.
  • No support for locking or factory resetting a lost device, unlike others.


Your Android device’s network connectivity is one of the reasons you aren’t receiving SMS. Remember that cellular signals might change at any time, so try to be outside if you can and at a higher spot.

For your Android phone’s Wi-Fi connection to be verified twice:

Your device disables all wireless communication while Airplane Mode is activated. You won’t receive your text messages on Android if it’s enabled.

  • No physical access to the target cell phone to start tracking.
  • The possibility to learn info about the history of visited places.
  • Compatibility with all cell phone models.

To determine whether Airplane Mode is on:

  • You can send one message per three hours only.

Find My Device

Also, you can disable aeroplane mode from the quick settings menu. How to do it:

As apps accumulate a lot of data over time, it’s critical to regularly empty Android’s trash. For your text messaging app, this also applies to cleaning the cache.

If your text messaging app’s app cache has to be cleared:

You might need to check your iMessagestatus if you switched from an iPhone to an Android phone. Text messages could still be sent to the iMessage app on your iPhone if you didn’t turn off iMessage before switching to your Android device.

  • Protects your privacy by allowing you to erase the device contents.
  • Comes free of cost with no extra features or in-app purchases.
  • Displays outdoor as well as indoor maps, just like Google Maps.

To turn off iMessage:

  • Available for only Android, unlike Life360 and a few other apps.
  • No group chat or group location-tracking features, unlike Life360.

Family Locator

You will need to manually deregister iMessage using Apple’s online form if you don’t have your iPhone.

Updating the operating system on your phone is always a smart idea. There may be a remedy for problems that affect text messaging on your device along with standard security updates.

Make sure your smartphone has the most recent version of Android by:

Several issues, including problems with text messages, can be fixed by restarting your Android device. It can reconnect your phone to your mobile network while also clearing the cache of any active apps.

  • Shows everyone s location-tracking data for the last 7 days.
  • Allows chatting with group members, unlike Find My Device.
  • Sends real-time alerts when a person has reached or left a zone.

Rebooting an Android phone can be done in a few different ways. For the majority of devices, you may restart your Android device by pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds, or by pressing Power + Volume Up.

  • No support for locking or wiping a device, unlike Find My Device.


Check the manufacturer’s support materials if you’re unsure. When the Reboot menu appears, perform a complete shutdown for optimal results. Then, switch it back on after waiting 30 to 60 seconds.

The aforementioned instructions ought to assist you in fixing the problem if you’re not receiving messages on Android. Don t forget to check your network provider s support pages for more information an outage could be behind any missing text messages.

Android Messages for the Web—were you aware of it? You can use your browser to send messages from your computer. If you re concerned about your privacy, a goodalternative is Signalit even has the ability toset messages to disappear.

Donovan, William

  • Allows chatting with the group members, unlike Find My Device.
  • Real-time alerts when a group member arrives at or leaves a location.
  • Comes with safety features like panic alerts and real-time notifications.

All excellent ideas, and I appreciated the directions on where to find each one. Unfortunately, nothing on my Samsung Galaxy A21 worked.

  • No free version; iSharing offers just a trial version for 7 days.


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  • Allows you to customize safe zones and set parameters.
  • Sends you real-time alerts when a device cannot be located.
  • Allows you to stay connected with family members via social feeds.


  • No support for sending alerts on a lost device, unlike Find My Phone.

xfi Locator

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That s not all; xfi Locator lets you choose from various map types including high-resolution and street view maps. You can find a lost device by logging in to the application or by signing in to the app s website:


  • Supports multiple accounts on the same device.
  • Allows users to ring a lost device, unlike most other apps.
  • Offers detailed (even street view) maps for better navigation.


  • No support for erasing data on a lost device, unlike Find My device.


Familonet is another great tool for tracking lost or stolen devices. The app lets you keep an eye on your kids and family members and communicate with them as well all through the intuitive interface of Familonet.

It s packed with salient features that allow you to create multiple groups, track the location of group members, and chat with them via group chat. Familonet sends you notifications when a group member has left or reached a particular location. Also, it allows you to send notifications in an emergency.


  • Allows you to set up your favorite destinations.
  • Sends alerts when anyone has reached or left a destination.
  • Comes with a chat feature for chatting with group members.


  • No support for sending alerts to a lost device, unlike others.


TrackView is an amazing security cum surveillance app that helps you monitor and find your lost devices as well. It allows you to locate and track the safety of your device as well as your house. It can send instant alerts or remote buzz to your lost device. Then, it has a two-way audio feature too.

What makes TrackView stand out from other apps on this list is its video monitoring feature, which lets you keep an eye on your device s surroundings through its camera. For example, you can monitor your kid using it.


  • Offers real-time tracking of devices, like most apps here.
  • Supports sending messages or sound alerts to the lost device.
  • Comes with a live video monitoring feature, unlike other apps.


  • No support for wiping data on the lost device, unlike Find My Device.

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