How to Transfer Data on MTN Line? A Complete Guide in 2023!

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I will explain three different MTN data transfer and sharing methods today! So, Keep cool and read through!

How to Transfer Data on MTN LineĀ 2023?

In any case, your MTN line offers a number of options for data transfer. However, we will just cover the top three quick and simple options here. The three ways are;

  • Using the MTN USSD transfer code, you can send and receive information.
  • Information can be exchanged via the sms format of text messages.
  • You can also make payments via the MTN mobile app.

Listen closely as I break down the differences between the three methods.

How to Transfer / Share Data on MTN Line using MTN USSD Code?

how to transfer data on mtn

To share data using MTN USSD code, follow the following basic procedures below;

  • Launch your phone’s dialer, enter *131*7#, then hit the send button.
  • To move funds from your data balance, choose the first option.
  • You will be asked to input the phone number of the intended recipient.
  • After that, select the amount of data you desire to transfer.
  • Enter 1 to confirm the transaction and continue.

So long! Easy enough, right?

Shortly, the receiver will be given a text message from MTN telling the receiver that you have sent some data to them.

How to Transfer / Share Data on MTN using The Text Message Format (sms)

Just follow these steps to send and receive text messages on your MTN line, making it easy to exchange or transfer files.

  • Use the phone’s messaging program.
  • To send information to a buddy, just type “Transfer friend’s number amount of data.”
  • Take for Example: Transfer 07012345678 150
  • And then have it sent to 131.

How to Share Data on MTN through MyMTN Mobile App?

how to transfer data on mtn

As promised, here are three quick and simple ways to exchange information using MTN. You’ll need to get the MTN app, but it’s a simple and easy alternative.

So, bear with me as I explain this.

Follow these steps to send data from your MTN line to a friend’s MTN line using the MyMTN mobile app:

  • Find the “MyMTN” app on the Google Play Store, then install it on your device.
  • When you first run the app after installation, you’ll get a welcome screen similar to the one seen above.
  • Click Continue with the phone number after pressing Let’s Get Started. Your phone number is required for further processing.
  • To verify your identification, a one-time password (OTP) will be emailed to you.
  • Your account’s control panel will load after you’ve been verified as who you say you are.
  • Then, when prompted, choose “Share” from the many available alternatives.
  • Then choose “Data,” type in the quantity of data you want to send, and include the phone number of the recipient.
  • To finish, just hit the “Proceed” button. Easy as 1-2-3.

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How to Share Data on MTN by buying for a friend

Just follow these easy steps to purchase data as a gift for a friend:

  • Dial *777#
  • To access the Gift Data menu, press 7 or dial *131*7#.
  • Choose Two (buy for a friend)
  • Select the data package you’d like to give away.
  • Choose your data plan’s validity period
  • Choose the amount you’d like to donate
  • Make a choice to continue.
  • Dial the number of the intended caller
  • A child could do it!
  • Okay!!! I promised I would show you how to get airtime from your parents, guardians, friends, and other loved ones.

How to Ask Your Friends for an MTN Data Transfer?

how to transfer data on mtn

To make a data request, just follow these steps:

  • To make a call using the same number as previously, dial 1317# into your phone’s dialer.
  • Choose “Request from a friend” the third time around.
  • The phone number of your buddy will be requested.
  • Just do that, and you’ll be all set.
  • Your friend’s phone will display a notice informing them that you have made a data request of them; it is entirely up to them whether or not to comply with your request.
  • Methods for Converting MTN Files for Use with Other Networks
  • Unfortunately, for my brother or sister, data from MTN cannot be transferred to any other network services. The MTN transfer code can only be used within the MTN network.

You can use your own bank account to complete a data transfer for a friend who has a line with a different network operator.

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Code to Transfer Data on MTN

The code for sending data to MTN is *777#.

I hope this tutorial clarifies how to exchange data on MTN Line for you!

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