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Graphic design is such a beautiful art that you can create designs that seem to come from another planet only by using small, insignificant elements like patterns and textures. I already showed off some of the best icon patterns that can be applied to different projects.

And so in today s post, I am presenting50 high-quality downloadable wood texturesthat will help you create some of the most spectacular designs, only if you know how to apply them appropriately. See the complete list after the jump.

Texture background
Wooden texture
Dark wooden background with lights
Dirty Wood Board Texture
Black Wooden Stained Wood Planks Texture
Wood texture
Closeup Wood Grain Plank Texture
Brown Wood Plank Texture
Texture background
Dark natural retro decorative backdrop
Old Wall From Turquoise Wooden Planks Texture
Wooden Planks Outdoors Texture
Weathered Outdoors Wood Texture
Log Cabin Wall Texture
Green Wooden Facade Seamless Texture
Orange wooden boards surface texture
Wood Stained With Pink
Tree Stump, Crack Wood Texture
Dirty Wood Board Texture
Old Wood Board Texture
Weathered Peeling Plank Texture
Old Rotten Plank Texture
Bark Nature Wood Texture
Outdoors Wood Damaged Texture
Burgundy Painted Wooden Surface
Green Weathered Wood Texture
Plank Weathered Door Texture
Outdoors Weathered Wood Texture
Weathered Pink Wooden Planks Texture
Dark Wood Board + Some Grain Rings
Bg Texture wood
Local Texture: Three by One
Wood Texture 4
tileable wood texture
Wood Texture 5
Wood floor
Wood Texture Purgo
Wooden Texture
Lovely wooden texture
Wooden texture
Moroccon Wooden Box
Wooden boards with orange fluorescent paint
Blue wood
Wood Texture
Jay Hilgert wood texture
Wood Peeling Plank Texture
Plywood Chipboard Pressboard Texture
Plank Rotten Wood Woodworm Texture

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