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With eBooks, you may read your favourite novels without having to pack physical copies of them in your bag. Finding the best websites for free eBooks can be challenging, though. You will therefore need to rely on other eBook torrent sites where you may download free public domain books.

Thankfully, you may get free eBooks from a variety of eBook torrent websites. Let’s look at some of the top eBook torrenting websites available in 2022 in this article. These websites let you easily gather eBook torrents and are free to use. If you’re looking for torrents in a variety of areas, you can also have a look at our list of the greatest torrent sites.

All of the websites on this list are exclusively for educational reasons. Fossbytes strongly opposes piracy. Also keep in mind that torrenting in most countries may result in legal issues.

Best eBook Torrent Sites You Should Try

1. LibGen

If you don’t care about how a website looks, you should check out Library Genesis, which offers a huge selection of independent eBooks. You may search for eBook torrents using a number of filters, including publisher, year, ISBN, and more.

Additionally, LibGen offers apps for Windows and Android, bringing the eBook experience to you on your mobile device. Think of how cosy it would be to read your favourite book from the palm of your hand.

2. Internet Archive Books Catalog

The digital library of the Internet Archive offers a sizable collection of eBook torrents. Over 30 million volumes from various libraries and other sources have been digitally preserved. You can download eBook torrents without creating a user account, which is a major plus.

It provides comprehensive information about the eBook you’re attempting to obtain as well as additional download alternatives.

3. Project Gutenberg

The original name of the eBooks is Project Gutenberg. The world’s first eBook, a digitised copy of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, was produced in 1971 under the auspices of this initiative.

You may find a huge selection of free eBooks organised into several genres on this website. The Frequently Downloaded section, which highlights the most popular eBooks and musicians, includes a list of popular titles. An eBook is available here in HTML or Kindle format.

4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, a legendary torrent network, offers eBook files in addition to audio and video downloads. Utilizing its simple and user-friendly layout, you may locate a lot of free torrents here. There is, however, a lot of copyright-protected stuff that you should avoid in order to avoid legal issues.

Because The Pirate Bay is so popular, you can find torrents there that have a lot of seeds and can provide you with fast download rates.

5. TorLock

The website TorLock is another way to check for free eBook torrents. Although one of its advantages is that it mostly includes confirmed torrents, the problem still exists—you must watch out for content that has been illegally downloaded.

The overall downloading process is nice other from it. You can visit this website to find some freely accessible eBooks on the internet, but while doing so, be prepared to see a lot of adverts when looking for your desired eBook torrents.

Best eBook Torrent Websites: Editor s Choice

The Pirate Bay and Project Gutenberg would be our choices for the two top eBook torrent websites out of the ones previously listed. Both provide a wide selection of eBooks for download and are simpler to use than other torrent services. To avoid legal issues, you should exercise caution when using The Pirate Bay and avoid looking at the pirated content.

Additionally, to keep oneself safe online while torrenting, we advise utilising a VPN. The top VPNs available are listed below as a result. Check out our article on how to speed up your torrent downloads with only a few easy actions if the torrent download rates are excruciatingly slow.

Frequently Asked Questions on eBook Torrenting

Why should I use eBook torrenting sites?

There are many websites where you can get the eBooks you want, however choosing an eBook torrent lowers the risk of broken downloads, which can happen with regular eBook downloads.

Are eBook torrents safe to download?

The torrent file you’re attempting to download will determine this. The likelihood that a pirated eBook torrent you’re trying to download also includes harmful malware is higher.

Will eBook torrents work on my Kindle?

Yes, you must locate torrents that offer eBooks in the KPF or EPUB formats—which are advised—in order to obtain eBooks for your Kindle devices.

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