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The CBCS 1st, 3rd, and 5th Semester Results were released today by the University of North Bengal in Raja Rammohunpur, District of Darjeeling, West Bengal, according to the result for 2022. You can check your results right now if you took the first, third, or fifth semester exams during an odd semester. The results of the degree exam were released by the examination management on April 6, 2022. Please visit the results website or use this page to access your results. To get your results, you must fill out the registration information and captcha code.

2022 Graduates from KU

North Bengal University already published a notice on the publication of results. According to the notice, the department has announced the results for the NBU ODD Semester (Honors/Program). For students who have been waiting a long time for results, this is really good news. Applicants don’t need to put in any more effort; all they need to do is scroll down and select the check here option. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see your undergraduate results from NBU based on your recent semester exams.

Nearly All of the students who were pursuing the odd 1 3 5 semester degree attempted this exam. After the Exam, all of those Candidates are sincerely looking for NBU Results. According to the official update, on April6,2022, at around 4 PM, the NBU Department published the results of the UG exams. Please enter your roll number information to get your mark sheet, exam participants. There is an opportunity for students who are dissatisfied with their results to apply for revaluation.


How Do You Draw On Google Slides?

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In order to start drawing directly onto your slides, head to the slide that you want to draw on, and then click on Insert on the toolbar.



Line Submenu

From there, move your cursor down to hover over the Line submenu. This will cause a number of extra options to show up that can help you to create lines that can be pasted directly into your document.




You will notice that one of these options is labeled as Scribble . Click this option, and your cursor will change into a cross symbol.

Simply click where you want your drawing to begin, and then, while holding down on the left-click, drag the mouse around to begin creating your shape.



Edit Your Drawing

Once you let go of the left-click, the line will end, and the drawing that you have created will be rendered as a solid line.

Once this has happened, you can then manipulate your drawing as a shape and resize it, rotate it, or move it to different spots on your slide. This is great for allowing you to make last-second edits.

Can You Draw On Google Docs?

Unfortunately, though you can draw onto google slides, you cannot draw directly onto google docs as well. There is no tool in the Insert menu that allows you to draw directly onto your doc, and thus you may have to find alternate methods.

However, what you can do instead is create a drawing in an external program, such as Microsoft Paint, save that drawing, and then upload it directly into your document itself from google drive.

This way, you do not have to miss out on the benefits offered by inserting drawings into google docs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Freehand Draw On Google Slides?

Yes. If you wanted to draw on google slides in a way that is incredibly clear and presentable, you could always hook up a drawing tablet to your computer and then use that to control the drawing tools directly.

Can I Draw On An Image In Google Docs?

Unfortunately, you cannot draw directly onto google docs files.

However, if you did want to include a drawing as part of a google doc, you could instead try drawing in a separate program, and then uploading that drawing directly into your doc from your google drive.

Can You Draw With An Apple Pencil On Google Slides?

Unfortunately, there is not currently any official support for the Apple pencil periphery within any google apps, and thus you cannot draw onto google slides using just the apple pencil.

To Wrap Up

As you can see, drawing directly onto google slides is quite easy to do, and can offer some great benefits that help to make your slides more engaging, and thus far more successful.

And if you did not want to draw directly onto your google slide, don t worry, because you can simply draw on a separate program, and then upload that drawing directly onto your google slide.

This can help you to create much greater drawings, which can impress your audience even more!

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