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People all over the world are always looking for new ways to supplement their income, and they will sometimes do anything to get it.

However, there are many ways to make money online by doing things you already do in your daily life because the market for online work is so diverse.

Although these websites serve a specific specialty, you may have heard of freelance job sites for designers and developers or sites where you can make money by creating videos.

Here is a list of websites that give users paid opportunities for performing daily tasks. Let’s get started with the checklist below to check out these websites.

50 Job Sites for Freelancers and Independent Professionals

50 Job Sites for Freelancers and Independent Professionals

It can be very advantageous to work as a freelancer, and many designers and developers who…


Learn more.


Go to Fiverr if you are good at something. There will always be people trying to connect you with gigs on Fiverr, regardless of your skill level in music, photography, logo design, or creative writing.


You can sell your amazing smartphone photos online if you take them. You must submit a suitable image to an appropriate application, such as Sea Food, Children Play, etc., in order for Snapwire to accommodate the various needs from clients throughout the world.

User Testing

By developing online courses, you can teach Udemy about your knowledge and expertise while earning money. The typical instructor makes $8,000. There are 12 million students and only 20,000 enthusiastic teachers.

You will receive tasks in your email inbox each time a new website needs user testing after registering and completing a test video.


Each website you review will earn you $10 to $15; testing takes about 20 minutes.

Another straightforward place to sell your cellphone images is Foap. The biggest brands in the world, such MasterCard, Hyatt, Volvo Group, and Absolut Vodka, are among its clients.

If you have a sizable collection of excellent pictures, there’s a potential that they’ll buy some of them.


On the app, a picture costs $10, but you receive $5 for each one that is sold.

If you are a photographer, joining EyeEm connects you to their platform’s network of 25 million more photographers globally.


Share and distribute your images, and you can wind up getting booked for shooting gigs.

You get paid by CashCrate for doing arbitrary tasks. They allow you to watch and play videos, participate in competitions, test out new goods, and play games.

8 Sites to Make Money for Video Creators

8 Sites to Make Money for Video Creators

What’s even better is that you’re getting paid for it.

Market Force

There are websites that pay you for the activities you perform every day. Nonetheless, if you are gifted,… Learn more.

Market Force is a company that offers mystery shopping services. Theoretically, they recruit enthusiastic employees like you to sign up with them and arrange for you to go on field excursions where you can shop, eat, and write evaluations.


Did I also mention that doing that will pay you?

As the company’s name suggests, TryMyUI invites you to test out website and app user interfaces before giving your frank and objective opinion.


Each test you take will earn you $10, and they usually only last 20 minutes.

These people will pay you nicely for your writing. You will receive $60 for each acceptable 500–600 word article. If the story is reprinted, you will also receive an additional $15 payment.

People per Hour

Check out their website if you are talented at writing content because they have a detailed how-to instruction there.

You get to choose your man-hour rate when you register as a freelancer with People Per Hour. Also, you will have access to their database of open freelancing tasks.


Build a quality and thorough profile page that states and highlights your professions so that work will come your way.

WeWorkRemotely touts itself to be the leading platform for seeking and listing remote employment and over 500 fresh job ads and more than 230,000 unique monthly visitors would certainly attest for that.


There are many categories to choose from when looking for a job, and you can subscribe to their listing information to be notified when new job opportunities arise.

Do you wish to work in the housekeeping that you already perform to earn some more money? then ask Handy for assistance. The website provides a variety of manual labour assignments, including cleaning, mending, and delivering.


The best feature of Handy is the ability to create a schedule of your availability that details when and how much work you are available to do. As for pay, you may earn $22 per hour as a cleaner, $45 per hour as a handyman, or $62 per hour as a lawn care specialist. The platform is currently functional in Canada, the USA, and the UK.

Due to its consumers’ need for a handy means of transportation, Uber has become quite well-known throughout the world. What’s more intriguing, though, is that you can drive for Uber and make some serious money if you have a car and some free time.

Second to None

Simply complete a few easy steps on their website to register as a driver, choose the number of hours you want to work, and earn as much money as you want.

Second to None is another another mystery shopping business that boasts more than 30 years of experience enhancing client experiences.


You can work as one of their secret or mystery shoppers, who are assigned tasks across North America to evaluate the shopping experience and make good money doing so. It’s interesting that the platform provides you complete discretion over whether to accept or reject jobs if they don’t fit you.

Use your specialised knowledge or skill set to generate income if you have them. On the website Clarity, business professionals in your field offer startups advice and consultation that is helpful.


You can apply, join their network of professionals from various industries, and get paid to advise a startup business.

Thousands of users utilise the fantastic platform Skillshare to pick up new talents or brush up on old ones like sketching, animation, entrepreneurship, programming, writing, game design, or even learning a foreign language.


Hence, by signing up to be an instructor on this website, you can make money and gain an online following if you’re skilled at one of these abilities and enjoy teaching it to others.

Only the greatest and most skilled independent software developers, designers, and others may be found on Toptal. Hence, if you are an expert in software designing and development, you can join Toptal to locate clients and projects that will pay you well.

Intelli Shop

You can connect with premium clients, a top-notch professional network of other freelancers, and tools you can use to advance your career with Toptal. In addition to receiving high-quality tasks.


Check out Intelli Shop if you enjoy being compensated for product reviews. It’s a fantastic platform that aids companies in enhancing their customer-focused sales and service experiences by employing and compensating mystery shoppers. You may love shopping and make money doing it this way. Terrific fun!

99Designs, one of the most well-known markets for the gifted design community, is a great way for independent designers to discover work. Every day, our website receives hundreds of posts from clients listing a variety of design jobs, to which you can submit a bid and be hired.


But, there is a lot of competition on this platform, so you must keep up a solid profile to keep the mill running.

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