Honkai Star Rail Paths

You might question what Honkai Star Rail Paths are because HoYoverse is known for its intricate character systems and jargon. If that describes you at this moment, you don’t need to worry since we are here to explain everything you need to know about Paths, including what they are and the many sorts.

Whether you’re a fan of Genshin Impactor or not, you’ll need to understand what paths are and how they work since they’re a new feature inHonkai Star Rail. Discover the Honkai Star Rail PS5, PS4 release date and all the details on the game’s free to play if you’re eager to give it a try on a console.

Honkai Star Rail Paths

Honkai Star Rail Paths include:

  • The Abundance
  • The Destruction
  • The Erudition
  • The Harmony
  • The Hunt
  • The Nihility
  • The Preservation

In Honkai Star Rail, the character’s role in battle is determined by their path. No matter which Honkai Star Rail team competition any character is in, these work in concert with the different Honkai Star Rail features in the game to give each character a distinct class and playstyle. Discover the finest Honkai Star Rail builds for each character so you may assemble a squad with a variety of Paths and components.

Each character has a predefined Path that determines what kind of team member they will be, such as a healer, a single-target DPS, or a tank. To put together the greatest teams, you’ll want to cleverly utilize the wide range of Paths and characters that are accessible. Currently, Star Rail offers seven Paths:

Path Role Description
The Abundance Healer Strong healing capabilities make Abundance characters essential in long or tough combat encounters.
The Destruction Bruiser Balanced between damage and tankiness, Destruction characters take threats head on.
The Erudition AoE damage dealer Erudition characters make great multi-target, AoE damage dealers.
The Harmony Offensive buffers Harmony characters provide buffs to teammates, often boosting their offensive capabilities in some way, such as ATK.
The Hunt Single-target damage dealer Possessing high single-target damage, Hunt characters excel at defeating specific targets or bosses with ease.
The Nihility Offensive debuffer Nihility characters debuff the enemy to make them easier to defeat.
The Preservation Tank Preservation characters are your traditional tanks, with great defensive capabilities to protect their allies.

There is a lot to experiment with, ranging from tanks and healers to different buffing and debuffing characters, AoE damage dealers, and single-target damage dealers.

The titles of the various Paths were altered between the closed beta and the official release, so they might not seem exactly as you remember them. For instance, The Harmony was formerly known as The Concord, and The Erudition was formerly The Nous.

That is all there is to know about the class system and the Honkai Star Rail Paths, including what each one performs. Make careful to become acquainted with every Path and every Honkai Star Rail character you can find. This will be useful when deciding which character to add to your team from the Honkai Star Rail tier list of greatest characters at the moment.

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