Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz answers

TheHonkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quizanswers can be quite elusive, especially if you are not the biggest fan of maths. This cruel quest will have you solving a few short maths problems to complete. Fret not though, as we have all the solutions to the Ministry of Education quiz in Honkai Star Rail so you don t need to revisit your school maths books.

Once you re done solving the Ministry of Education quiz inHonkai Star Rail, we ve got all you need to prepare for your interstellar adventure. Find out about all the excitingHonkai Star Rail characters, including the surprisingly strong roster ofHonkai Star Rail free characters. And to find how strong each character is, we ve also got a completeHonkai Star Rail tier list.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz solutions

The Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz is a Daily Mission chain that sets you a different question to solve each date.According to the Ministry of Education,

  • Which are there more of, prime numbers or natural numbers?
    • Answer: The same
  • The Limesteins have a large parking lot filled with 42 cars. One day, a thief stole wheels from several cars. Now, several cars only have three wheels left. While appraising damages, the insurer bent down and counted a total of 154 wheels across the lot. How many cars had their wheels stolen?
    • Answer: Fourteen
  • One and only one of the following options is correct, make your choice.
    • Answer: Option 3
  • How much does First Snow, Summersade Bamboo, Ball Peony, and Sunflower added together make?
    • Answer: 162
  • Who was the thief that stole the Limesteins wheels?
    • Answer: Eric

The Ministry of Education quiz is part of the Honkai Star Rail Doorsteps of Science daily quest chains. Each day, the Ministry of Education will task you with answering a few short maths questions.

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Now you know the solutions to the Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz, you re ready to complete the quest and pass the test. When you re back in the action, you re going to want to know thebest Honkai Star Rail team compsand the bestHonkai Star Rail buildsfor each character.

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