Honkai Star Rail builds

To take on the game’s most difficult material, the greatest Honkai Star Rail constructions must be used. Having said that, there are numerous variables that affect how a character is built, ranging from the character’s talents and Eidolons to the Relics and Light Cones you give them. Fortunately, we’ve already done the legwork by compiling the top Honkai Star Rail builds for each and every character in the game.

But it’s a good idea to grasp the foundations before plunging headfirst into Honkai Star Railbuilds. Starting with the many vibrant and distinctive Honkai Star Rail characters—some of which are Honkai Star Rail free characters—that may be acquired. Check those out as well. These characters are categorized based on the Honkai Star Rail components and Honkai Star Rail Paths. If you’re waiting to play on a console, learn everything you can about the Honkai Star Rail PS5, PS4 release dates so you’re prepared to play on the first day.

Honkai Star Rail builds

The ideal Honkai Star Rail builds depend on the character.

We’ll be sure to update this guide with more builds as new characters are introduced because Star Rail’s roster is always growing. However, these are the character builds that work best for each one.

Here you will discover a summary of each character’s strengths, weaknesses, skills, Eidolons, and the finest Relics and Light Cones to utilize. When a character may play multiple roles in a team composition, we may also offer various build possibilities.

It’s crucial to take the main scaling stat of the target character into consideration while planning your own build. Luocha, for instance, scales differently from other healers in that he scales according to his ATK stat rather than the standard maximum HP scaling. This indicates that this character would benefit more from increasing ATK than health. In light of this, you’ll be searching for Relics and Light Cones that either accomplish this or offer additional supportive advantages. Viewing a character’s ability descriptions will reveal their main scaling stat.

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Aim to have a four-piece Relic set and a two-piece Planar set with relics that work well with the character’s attributes and role. A damage dealer, for instance, could frequently desire to boost ATK, Crit Rate/DMG, SPD, or total damage.

Similar to this, there are numerous four-star and five-star Light Cones available that will dramatically increase the user’s power. The Path of the character who will be using the Light Cone must match their choice when selecting one, or else the impact won’t be felt. Characters on the Nihility Path would prefer the Nihility Light Cone, whereas those on the Abundance Path would choose the Abundance Light Cone.

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You now possess complete knowledge about Honkai Star Rail builds, including the ideal builds for every character and how to design your own loadout. It’s likely that you’ll want to use your new builds to take on the Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall, but it would be wise to get a feel for the area by using our list of the top Honkai Star Rail characters before doing so.

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