How to Buy a Game Boy Micro? The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

You may be wondering where to get a Game Boy Mini now if you thought you owned every portable console but noticed this hidden gem in our “How much is a Game Boy worth” post.

The Game Boy Mini was the final handheld game console made by Nintendo. They had been considering developing a fully pocketable handheld device since at least September of 2005.

The Game Boy Micro is, in fact, quite little. It’s about the same size as Sega’s new Game Gear Micro small system, measuring 50 mm by 101 mm by 17.2 mm.

However, sales of the Micro were lower than Nintendo had intended because of competition from the Game Boy Advance SP AGS-100 back-lit variant and the Nintendo DS marketing campaign.

I believe this was more of a “novelty Ninty project” (try saying that 100 times!) that they needed to do as a sort of farewell to the Game Boy’s history.

For some reason, the Game Boy Mini is a stylish portable that is capable of running every single Gameboy Advance game without a hitch. Learn where to get a Game Boy Micro and how to acquire one from our comprehensive guide!

Where Can I Buy A Game Boy Micro?

A used Game Boy Micro may be purchased for about $50 if you’re interested in owning a piece of portable gaming history. Prices for new, unopened boxes average $500, while refurbished consoles in their original packaging can be had for roughly $300.

While the boxed Mario 20th Anniversary edition can be purchased for $699+, a Game Boy Micro in a plastic casing costs roughly $200.

That’s not even the most pricey option, either. A limited-edition console made exclusively for the Pokemon Center was sold for nearly $1,500.

What Condition Game Boy Micro Should I Buy?

gameboy micro

Since most people reading this page are gamers, like myself, we would probably choose a used portable console because of the high price of new ones.

As you might have imagined, Game Boy Micros are compact. It’s simple to see how the previous owners could have misplaced them or perhaps dropped them down the sofa’s side. Also, keep an eye out for cracked displays.

Check the console’s rear and front views to ensure quality before making a purchase, and read the seller’s feedback carefully. It would be a nice addition if you could also acquire some games.

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Should I Buy A Game Boy Micro Or A Game Boy Advance?

You can choose between these two consoles by considering their differences.

One obvious difference is that the Game Boy Advance’s screen isn’t backlit. If you want to play your Gameboy in the dark, you’ll need the obnoxious worm light.

Whereas the Game Boy Advance can play games from the DMG and the top Game Boy Color titles, the Game Boy Mini can only play Game Boy Advance games. The GBA is a great choice if compatibility with older systems is an important feature for you.

What Is the Best Game Boy Micro?

The Game Boy Micro’s interchangeable faceplates are one of its best features. In this regard, any and all Game Boy Mini models reign supreme.

Certain consoles, like the Mother3 edition shown above, have unique color schemes, however, the majority of consoles sold on resale sites remain the original grey model.

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What Is The Best Limited Edition Game Boy Micro?

gameboy micro

There are just two viable options when deciding which limited edition Game Boy Micro is the finest.

The first is the Japanese Famicom-themed 20th anniversary Mario release. This Micro resembles the new Game & Watch system Nintendo released in honor of Mario’s 35th anniversary.

Don’t you believe Mario should retire soon? Does the Mushroom Kingdom have a unique plumbing age?

This is a photo of the rarest limited edition Game Boy Micro, which I mentioned before in this article and is the Pokemon Centre edition.

This Micro is minimal in design but just as fierce as a mated Charizard. Look at that packaging, and that tiny Pikachu logo could be for some high-end line of tees.

This box is worth a hefty amount because it has three sets of starting Pokemon plus the face of the original Pokemon, Pikachu. If you have a boxed copy of this Limited Edition Micro in your attic, you should take good care of it because it’s currently worth more than $1500.

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