Fix My Speaker: Everything You Need to Know in 2023!

This app, called Fix My Speaker, plays a high-frequency, ultra-low tone (165 Hz) through the smartphone’s speaker to remove any accumulated moisture and restore its normal functioning. This ingenious case prevents dust and water from entering the speakers of your iPhone or Android device.

As it fell into the water, the phone may have been lost forever. The phone’s speakers will become a fountain of water if you drop it in the sink.

We have fixed my speaker by increasing the volume of the noise made when water and dust are expelled.
You don’t need any specialized software or tools to clean your speakers.
Speakers on all iPhones 7 and up may be dried and cleaned with this sound.

The Mechanisms Of Action

The Repair My Speakers web app has an “Eject Water” button that, when pressed, will cause the smartphone’s speakers to play a series of tones designed to expel any leftover water and restore normal operation of the Android or iPhone. The web app makes use of the same water ejection noise seen on the Apple Watch. These speakers have been calibrated to emit high-frequency sound waves, which will cause the water to spray out.

How to Clean the Speaker of Your Phone of Dust and Water?

The speaker of a phone can be protected from water and dust with a removable water and dust cover.

The Effects Of Submerging A Cell Phone In Water & The Chances Of Getting Damage

If the phone falls into water, the port, jack, and speaker will all fill with water. The circuits in a non-waterproof phone short out when water gets inside. The inaction caused corrosion in its circuits. There will be less damage if individuals act quickly.

  • The phone must be silenced immediately.
  • Gently shake the device.
  • Bury the gadget after filling it with rice or placing it in a covered container.
  • With the Repair My Speaker website, anyone may dry out their phone’s speakers.

How To Test Whether A Smart Phone Is Dustproof And Waterproof?

fix my speaker
  • Electronic devices can be rated for their resistance to water damage using a system called the Ingress Protection code (IP rating). A device’s IP rating reflects how well its housing keeps out dust and moisture.
  • An IP address is represented by two numbers. In the first case, resistance is indicated against dry particles like dust, while in the second case, it is demonstrated against liquid droplets.
  • If a phone has an IP68 rating, it is totally protected from dust, dirt, and sand (solid objects) and can tolerate being submerged in water up to one meter deep (liquids).
  • The IP68 rating makes the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 13 dustproof and waterproof. While some smartphones may be able to withstand brief submersion in water (as indicated by their IP rating), the majority cannot; owners risk serious damage if they accidentally drop their phones into the pool. Fixing or replacing something corroded by the salt found in oceans and swimming pools can cost a lot of money.

Remove The Moisture From The Phone’s Speakers

The most difficult step is drying the device, which takes time and attention to detail. The first step in fixing a wet phone speaker is to follow these steps.

  • Try to Dry the Top Layer

Use a microfiber cloth or other suitable material to quickly absorb the moisture and dry the device. The outside can be cleaned of liquid using a cotton towel, and the phone’s speakers will continue to function normally. While drying the device, try to keep it as still as possible.

  • Remove the Particles of Dust by Using a Vacuum Cleaner.

When the phone’s speakerphone becomes wet, here’s what to do about it. If there is moisture in the phone’s speakers, a vacuum cleaner can assist remove it. To get out of the water quickly, folks need to switch to a low-power mode. Try not to let the movement of the phone cause any additional transfer of water into the cavity.

  • To Dry An Android Phone’s Speaker After A Spill

It’s the toughest aspect of the whole procedure. It will take some time for the phone to dry completely. Although it is possible to charge a cell phone outside a window, it is recommended that users do so only when the sun is not directly overhead. One possible way for mending my speakers is to place them in a ziplock bag with some rice, as we discussed earlier.

Precautions To Take While Dealing With A Water-Damaged Phone

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Safety measures should be taken prior to attending a pool party. But here’s what to do right away if someone accidentally drops it in the water.

  • If at all possible, users should refrain from reactivating the gadget.
  • Use a microfiber towel to dry off the entire area. Use your fingers to rub it into the cracks and crevices to release any trapped moisture.
  • Plugging anything in to charge is not a good idea because it could cause a short circuit.
  • It’s not a good idea to use a blow dryer or any other means to drive air into the device before it’s opened.

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What Not to Do If Your Smartphone Gets Wet

  • When their phone dies, most people panic and try to revive it by charging it repeatedly. One can always find a way to screw up their own situation. There are some things nobody should do if they lose their phone in the water.
  • Attempts to power on the phone at this point do more harm than good. The CPU and other electronic components of a phone are vulnerable to water-induced short circuits.
  • Cut power to the charger
  • Water globules caught behind the rubber can be forced into the phone by pressing any key, even the volume key.
  • As individuals blow into the water, it pushes water into the phone using a similar technique. Put an end to it and see how long it is until someone brings the phone in for service. Give the phone a rest from constant use before bringing it in for repair.
  • Relax, and put away the hair dryer and other heat-producing devices before picking up the phone. The device may be damaged as a result.
  • Do not shake the phone if it falls into the water; rather, take it to the nearest Carlcare location as quickly as possible so that employees may dry the speaker.

Use Repair, My Speaker, To Easily Clean Your Phone’s Speaker!

fix my speaker

Repair My Speaker is a browser-based software that may be used to clean and repair the speaker on your phone. When activated, the phone will play a specially crafted piece of water removal audio that uses sound waves to drive dust and water out of the speaker when played in a sealed environment. The fact that charging a wet iPhone or Android can start a fire is even more cause for alarm.

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Damage to a cell phone can put a stop to the day’s most important tasks because of how indispensable they are. People can lose the capacity to hear incoming calls if they drop their phone in water, as this can damage the speaker. We’ve included some pointers for speedily wiping down the phone’s earpiece.

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