Firewall Ultra release date speculation, gameplay, modes

What day will Firewall Ultra go on sale? You’ve undoubtedly played the popular first-person shooter Firewall Zero Hour if you enjoy virtual reality in general and the PSVR in particular. Buckle up as we discuss all that the game has to offer in Firewall Ultra, the series’ most recent installment and sequel.

Unlike the earlier game, which allowed players to join up and compete in virtual reality deathmatches, Firewall Ultra will introduce new modes and have enhanced gameplay. When it finally releases, it might even rank among the finest competitive FPS games, but for now, you can find all the information we presently have on the VR shooter listed below.

Firewall Ultra release date speculation

Firewall Ultra will be available for PSVR 2 later this year, according to the official PlayStation UK Twitter account, which also confirmed the game’s release date as late 2023. Initially, it was thought to be a launch title for the headset.

The next VR game is now officially scheduled for later this year, even though it was previously thought that it would debut around the PSVR 2’s launch window. In a future PlayStation State of Play, hopefully, we will get more details.

Firewall Ultra gameplay

We noted that Firewall Ultra is unlike any other FPS game during our preview of the title. Thanks to eye-tracking capabilities provided by Firewall Ultra’s PSVR 2 headset, you can do some fairly exciting things like close your eyes to escape flashbangs or see cameras after dying to identify opponents for your team.

Because of this, it ranks among the most immersive VR games we’ve ever played. Don’t believe us? Watch the game’s announcement trailer below to learn what to expect instead.

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Firewall Ultra modes

Along with the PvP gameplay we saw in the original game, Firewall Ultra will also come with PvE modes that let you team up with friends and other players to battle computer-controlled foes. We already know that the game will have tactical multiplayer goals, so we may expect modes that go beyond standard team deathmatches. In the trailer, one of these goals is seen as computer hacking while attempting to evade opponents.

That completes our knowledge of the Firewall Ultra release date, as well as the gameplay and game modes that have been shown to us. If you need to satisfy your urge for shooting games but can’t wait for Sony’s next VR experience, check out our selection of the greatest PSVR 2 titles currently on the market.

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