Final Fantasy 16 voice actors and cast list

Finally, Final Fantasy 16 is approaching, and with a new game in the series comes a completely new cast of characters. The voice performers for this new group of Final Fantasy 16 protagonists are just as varied as you might anticipate. The cast of Final Fantasy 16 as a whole each contributes their own tone and style to the game’s characters, giving the title its distinct tone. When the game is released, we hope to fall in love with each of these characters.

We’ll show you the actors behind the voices of the characters in Final Fantasy 16 in this guide. Where appropriate, we will also include other endeavors or video games they may have appeared in before the release of Final Fantasy 16 where you may have first encountered them.

Final Fantasy 16 voice actors

The voice performers and cast members of Final Fantasy 16 are:

  • Ben Starr Clive Rosfield
  • Logan Hannan Joshua Rosfield
  • Charlotte McBurney Jill Warrick (child)
  • Susannah Fielding Jill Warrick (young adult)
  • Ralph Ineson Cidolfus Telamon
  • Nina Yndis Benedikta Harman
  • Alex Lanipekun Hugo Kupka
  • Stewart Clarke Dion Lesage
  • David Menkin Barnabas Tharmr

There are several names here that you will be familiar with.In the A Plague Tale series, Charlotte McBurney played Amicia, the young Jill’s voice actress.Logan Hannan, who previously starred in the series as Hugo, is back with Charlotte. He portrays Clive Rosfield’s younger brother Joshua in this scene.

Ralph Ineson has also appeared in several video games recently, most notably as the voice of Lord Nahr in Diablo 4. He collaborates with Clive in this scene as Cidolfus, one of the party members. Ben Starr has, however, only had minor roles in video games up to this point, with Clive serving as his largest role to date.

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As you can see, the game has a rather fascinating cast that includes both seasoned actors and rising stars. With Final Fantasy 16’s release date rapidly approaching, each of these cast members will definitely make the game’s entirety enjoyable to play and help it stand out as one of the best RPGs of the year.

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