Final Fantasy 16 length – how long to beat the game

When it comes to how long RPG games can be, we know they can be time sinks, and theFinal Fantasy 16 lengthis nothing different. Most Final Fantasy players will know this, but for new players, you shouldn t be hoping for a quick one-and-done game you can get done in a weekend.

Thankfully, we know how long it will take to roughly completeFinal Fantasy 16, even before theFinal Fantasy 16 release datearrives. Before you make thatFinal Fantasy 16 pre-orderand adventure off into the world of Valisthea, you can find out how much time you will spend in what might be one of thebest PS5 RPGs.

Final Fantasy 16 length

Final Fantasy 16 will take 35-40 hours to complete, according to Director Hiroshi Takai in an interview withEveryeye. This time could increase up to 70 hours if you decide to go off the beaten track and complete everything in the open world.

This shouldn t be a surprise to many. The last major Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XV, takes around 28 hours to finish the base story, with a full completionist run taking many players over 90 hours to complete, as listed byHow Long To Beat.

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So, as you can see the Final Fantasy 16 length is pretty much average for the series, but there s plenty else to look forward to in the world of Valisthea, including finding out more about theFinal Fantasy 16 charactersbefore the game arrives and all the differentFinal Fantasy 16 Eikonsyou will battle.

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