Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway explained

After a long day of fighting, exploring, and walking around, theFinal Fantasy 16 Hideawayis a great place to rest before your next mission. An almost home away from home, the Hideaway will be a consistent location you ll visit during your travels and your adventure in the latest Final Fantasy game.

You ll want to know everything about this spot before theFinal Fantasy 16 release datearrives, especially if you re excited to play what could be one of thebest PS5 RPG gamesof the year. So, here s all you need to know about the hub-like location you ll be visiting regularly.

Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway

The Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway is a hub area that you can visit in-between missions. It includes a blacksmith for upgrading or creating your equipment, a shop to purchase new weapons and consumables, the Arete Stone, and side quests to pick up.

Blackthorn the Blacksmith in Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway


If you ve collected plenty of materials during your adventure, it s definitely worth heading to Blackthorn, who runs The Black Hammer in the Hideaway. Whether you need to upgrade your armor, weapons, and items, or craft entirely new ones, Blackthorn is sure to help out if you ve got the materials.

Charon's Shop in Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway


Whenever you drop by the Hideaway, make sure to head over to Charon and see what s on offer in Charon s Toll. Here, you ll be able to purchase new weapons, armor, and restock consumables for when you re playing each mission.

The Arete Stone in Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway

Arete Stone

Whether you ve just upgraded or purchased new gear, or looking to fine-tune your combat skills, the Arete Stone is a great place to practice your fighting skills. Featuring an arcade mode that allows you to reach high scores or a simple training area for perfecting your combat abilities, the Final Fantasy 16 Arete Stone is a great place to practice without any worries of meeting an untimely death.

Man offering side quests in Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway

Side quests

There s a variety of people and Final Fantasy 16 characters to meet within the Hideaway, and some may offer you side quests to complete with various rewards. Not only that, but you can head on over to the Hunt Board to find some dangerous targets which are available to defeat in the various areas of Valisthea.

That s everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway. With so many faces within this hub area, it s worth knowing who s behind each character, so check out ourFinal Fantasy 16 voice actorsguide which will be updated with these characters at launch. And if you re wondering how much time you have left in Valisthea, check out ourFinal Fantasy 16 lengthguide too.

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