Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway explained

The Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway is a fantastic spot to recuperate before your next task after a long day of battling, exploring, and moving around. The Hideaway, a virtual home away from home, will be a frequent stop on your journey through the most recent Final Fantasy game.

If you’re eager to play what might be one of the best PS5 RPG games of the year, Final Fantasy 16, you’ll want to learn everything there is to know about this location before the release date arrives. So, this is everything you need to know about the hub-like site you’ll be frequenting.

Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway

You can stop at the central area known as the Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway while between quests. The Arete Stone, a shop where you can buy new weapons and consumables, a blacksmith for constructing or enhancing your equipment, and side quests are all included.

Blackthorn the Blacksmith in Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway


Going to Blackthorn, who owns The Black Hammer in the Hideaway, is highly worthwhile if you’ve gathered a lot of materials on your quest. If you have the materials, Blackthorn can assist you with either upgrading your armor, weapons, and other equipment or helping you create totally new ones.

Charon's Shop in Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway


Whenever you visit the Hideaway, make sure to go to Charon and check out what is available there. You can buy fresh armor, weapons, and supplies of consumables for use during each task here.

The Arete Stone in Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway

Arete Stone

The Arete Stone is a wonderful area to practice your fighting techniques, whether you’ve recently improved or bought new equipment or are simply trying to improve your combat abilities. The Final Fantasy 16 Arete Stone is an excellent place to practice without worrying about meeting an untimely demise. It has an arcade mode that allows you to get high scores as well as a straightforward training area for perfecting your combat abilities.

Man offering side quests in Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway

Side quests

In the Hideaway, you can meet a number of people including Final Fantasy 16 characters. Some of them can even give you side missions to do for a range of goodies. Additionally, you can visit the Hunt Board to discover some challenging opponents that can be defeated around Valisthea.

You now have all the information you require for the Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway. Check out our Final Fantasy 16 voice actors guide, which will be updated with these characters upon launch, to learn more about each character’s voice actor as there are so many faces in this main region. Additionally, you should go to our Final Fantasy 16 length guide if you’re curious about how much time is remaining in Valisthea.

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