Everything to know about Destiny 2’s fishing

The trailer for Destiny 2 Season of the Deep has arrived, and probably the most unexpected element was fishing. That’s right, Season 21 brings a brand-new fishing mechanic to our favorite looter-shooter, allowing us to unwind with a few fish without having to experience the excitement of the very enormous fish taking center stage in the Season of the Deep tale. Here is everything we know about fishing in Season 21 of Destiny 2.

Although it won’t appeal to everyone, Destiny 2 fishing is one of the most original game features to date, allowing us to unwind and unwind from searching for the finest Destiny 2 PvP weapons or best Destiny 2 PvE weapons.

Destiny 2 fishing

In Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, fishing is a brand-new pastime that allows players to travel to specific fishing locations in the EDZ, Nessus, and even Savathun’s Throne World. The Gone Fishin task must be finished in order to activate fishing.

You receive the Gone Fishin quest after completing the first six tasks of the Into the Depths Destiny 2quest, which is the seasonal tale mission for Season of the Deep.

These fishing locations are identified by a tiny wooden platform with flagpoles decorated with fish. It’s probable that there are different fish to capture in each fishing site and spot.

Why is our Guardian fishing, you ask? We’re not entirely certain yet. But it appears that the H.E.L.M. tank will house the fish we’ve acquired. However, fishing will probably also be a part of the seasonal title and challenges, so it will be worthwhile to sit back and catch some fish.

Destiny 2 fishing: Guardians inspecting an aquarium in the H.E.L.M.

As we hunt for ways to catch up to and vanquish the Witness in Season of the Deep, Titan will be a popular destination, but we’ll also be learning more about the leviathan on Titan. Fortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll be fishing for that enormous methane sea creature.

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It’s important to note that only owners of the Destiny 2 Season of the DeepSea Season Pass—whose cost has increased with Season 21—will have access to fishing. However, Season of the Deep is well purchasing if you want to engage in some fishing and the wide range of other intriguing content.

And that’s all there is to know about fishing in Destiny 2. Prepare the greatest Destiny 2 Titan build, Destiny 2 Warlock build, and Destiny 2 Hunter build for when you’re ready to rejoin the fight. They will undoubtedly be useful when we explore Titan’s depths.

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