How to Drop a Pin on iPhone?A Complete Guide In 2023!

It’s simple to figure out how to drop a pin on an iPhone. In reality, it’s as simple as holding down the desired spot in Appl Maps for a long time to drop a pin. But if you want a more thorough explanation, stay reading.

Using a Pin on an iPhone

The free Apple Maps software is pre-installed on iPhones and iPads. This lesson is devoted to Apple maps because it is assumed that if you are learning how to drop a pin on an iPhone, you are doing so for Apple maps. You may quickly download Apple Maps from the App store if it isn’t already on your smartphone.

How to Drop a Pin on iPhone

drop a pin
  • Launch Apple Maps on your iPhone.
  • You can view the device’s precise location from this point. It will be highlighted in blue and shown with a pin. If you can’t find your stated place, you can still drop a pin anywhere.
  • Locate the spot where you want to drop the location pin in Apple Maps.
  • By pinching in and out with your fingers, you may zoom to the desired position. The screen of the gadget can also be swiped across.
  • Press and hold on to the area after you have the location. The screen will display a red pin. If you feel that this is sufficient accuracy, you can quit.

What to Do After Dropping a Pin in Apple Maps?

Once the pin has been inserted, a red pin icon will show up. To see the information panel, click on the pin. The address, coordinates, and distance between the pin and your present position are all provided on this screen. Click on the blue symbol in the top left corner of the screen to begin navigation.

More options are available on the panel here:

  • You can press and hold the coordinates or the address after dropping a pin on your iPhone to copy it to your phone.
  • By selecting Add to Maps, you can add anything that is missing from the location. Apple will be informed of this.
  • Click Add to favorites after placing a pin if you wish to add a place to your list of favorites.
  • Select the Remove option to permanently remove the pin from your favorites.
  • To send the dropped pin by text message or iMessage, click Share on the Marked Location tab.

Moving or Editing a Pin Drop

drop a pin

You might want to move it now that you know how to conduct a pin drop on an iPhone. This is how:

  • A few options will appear at the bottom of the screen once you’ve dropped a pin. Click Move Pin.
  • A satellite image of the place you just chose will now appear. Here, you can adjust the location of the pin drop. You could also choose the place with great precision.
  • Click Done once you know the precise position. You will return to Maps’ home page.

How to Get Directions on the Dropped Pin?

Let’s look at how to receive directions to the position of the location pin now that we know how to drop and move a location pin. Here’s how to get tips and bookmark a location on an iPhone:

  • A few options will appear at the bottom of the screen once you drop a pin on Apple Maps.
  • To acquire driving instructions to your preferred location, click on Directions.
  • You may learn about every path there is to take with the Apple Map. To see all of the instructions, swipe across the screen of your device.
  • Click the green “Go” button after selecting a location.

Adding a Pin to a Contact

drop a pin

It can either be a new contact or an existing one if you want to add the dropped pin to it.

  • Choose either Add to Existing Contacts or Create New Contacts.
  • Apple Maps will then add the location to your selected contact.
  • Siri can help you find your friends and family quickly.

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Adding a Pin to Favorites

A place can also be added to your favorites. Swipe up and select “Add to favorites” from the menu. Your favorites list is accessible from the Apple Map’s home screen. How to do it:

  • Your favorite locations will be listed on your home screen.
  • Any of these can be clicked to view all the driving and walking routes to that particular site as well as detailed directions.

Tips for Sharing Pins

Once a pin has been dropped, all you need to do is tap on it, choose the address from the menu that appears, and hit share to send the pin to a friend.

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