Does Street Fighter 6 have rollback netcode?

Although Street Fighter 5’s rollback netcode was there, many gamers believe that the rollback netcode in Street Fighter 6 will make the game a whole lot better. The implementation of the rollback in Street Fighter 5 caused a lot of issues for the players.

Seven years have passed since Street Fighter 5, and a lot has happened in the industry. In the post-COVID-19 era, multiplayer fighting games depend on reliable online, which rollback netcode offers by anticipating player attacks and comparing them to what actually occurred when the connection re-establishes between the two players. If so, the battle goes on as usual; otherwise, the characters will automatically adjust their actions.

Does Street Fighter 6 have rollback netcode in online?

Several journalists and content producers at the Summer Game Fest Play Days in 2022 confirmed that Street Fighter 6 did indeed contain rollback netcode in its online multiplayer modes. This should imply that the game’s online multiplayer is reliable and usable both during the beta and launch phases.

The game will also not feature the rollback netcode that was present in Street Fighter 5, according to director Takayuki Nakayama, who spoke with IGN. The netcode for the most recent game was noticeably subpar, and Nakayama stated that the team is once more starting from over with this. The netcode is being developed with a great deal of work. As a result, the beta should improve!

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It’s nice to see so extensive effort being made into a feature that is essential to nearly every online fighting game in the present day. This sounds a lot better than the Street Fighter 5 solution. Therefore, with the Street Fighter 6 rollback, your online matches in the Fighting Ground and Battle Hub should be some of the most consistent in the series, giving you some victories, assuming you have the talent to prevail in what is predicted to be one of the best fighting games ever.

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