Does EA Sports FC have Pro Clubs?

With EA Sports changing its tried and tested FIFA formula this year, football fans around the world have been left wondering what features might make it to the developer s new series, and, more importantly, whetherEA Sports FC Pro Clubswill be in this version of the game.

Let s be honest, the very best football games are better enjoyed with friends and FIFA s Pro Club mode has enabled that and more. The online social mode allows you to take charge of just one player on the field, allowing you to perfect your techniques in your chosen position. Your friends can then take charge of another player on the pitch, essentially creating 11v11 online situations in which players are directly responsible for individual actions. It s easily one of the best ways to play football online with friends, but will it come toEA Sports FCwhen theEA Sports FC release daterolls around?

Does EA Sports FC have Pro Clubs?

EA Sports FC will have Pro Clubs when it releases in 2023. In astatement published in July 2022, EA Sports noted that everything you love [ ] will be part of EA Sports FC the same great experiences, modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs and athletes will be there. Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and Volta Football will all be there.

However, while it s clear Pro Clubs will be a part of EA Sports FC games going forward, how it ll look and feel is unclear. That s because the developer is looking to innovate, create, and evolve with this new series, bringing fresh new content to the fore.

EA Sports FC Pro Clubs leaks

Although we haven t seen or heard much about EA Sports FC, there have been quite a few Pro Clubs leaks so far.

The biggest leak, which comes fromFIFAUTeam on Twittersuggests Pro Clubs could be renamed to just Clubs in EA Sports FC and it ll feature Seasonal Competitions split across divisions similar to how Ultimate Team Division Rivals games are played in FIFA 23. This means Pro Clubs teams could play five weeks of normal league matches, as well as a week of Playoff matches.

EA Sports FC Pro Clubs: The EA Sports logo can b eseen

EA Sports FC Pro Clubs crossplay

One of the biggest hindrances to Pro Clubs players has been the lack of cross-platform play in FIFA games. While players on the same console family have been able to play together, those across multiple platforms have not been able to join forces.

There are rumours that EA Sports is looking to fix that in time for the new release, giving way to full EA Sports FC Pro Clubs crossplay for the first time. But, no word on this has come directly from EA yet.

Of course, these are just rumours for the moment. As soon as we hear more about EA Sports FC, you ll read it here first. But, if you are looking to scratch that football itch while you wait for this year s game, take a read through ourbest football gamesto play right now.

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