Diablo 4 voice actors – the full cast list

Often it s the voices of characters that bring them to life, and the latest entry in Blizzard s Diablo series brings in some well-known and talented voice actors. With that said, it s not always easy to recognise a voice, so who are theDiablo 4 voice actorsand cast? Well, let s put that nagging feeling to bed by shining a light on the voice actors behind the characters in our next demon slaying adventure.

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Diablo 4 voice actors

The confirmed Diablo 4 voice actors and cast members are:

  • Caroline Faber Lilith
  • Gabe Kunda Inarius
  • Anthony Howel Elias
  • Debra Wilson Prava
  • Ralph Ineson Lorath Nahr

Many of these wereconfirmed by Blizzard in a Twitter postcelebrating the talented voices bringing the world to life. Perhaps the most exciting detail is that we now know the voice actor for Lilith, the main antagonist of Diablo 4, and Elias, her accomplice.

Nevertheless, there are also several actors speculated to voice the characters, such as Ray Chase as the male Barbarian, Matthew Mercer as the male Druid, and Gideon Emery as Iosef. This speculation comes from avidfans on the Diablo 4 Redditpage trying to figure out the voice actors for the main characters. We ll update this guide as more information becomes available.

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With that said, many players are likely to have heard Lorath Nahr s voice actor, Ralph Ineson, elsewhere. While there was some debate where Lorath was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, this is incorrect. This stems from the fact that Yuri Lowenthal previously voiced Lorath in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. However, Lowenthal is not returning to voice the character in Diablo 4. Instead, English actor Ralph Ineson is taking up the mantle. Ineson is known for several big roles in games, films, and TV. For example, you might recognise him as Charles Vane in Assassin s Creed 4: Black Flag, or the Green Knight in The Green Knight.

With the full list of Diablo 4 voice actors and cast members, you re ready to get back into the fight against Lilith s demon horde. Find out how you ll be taking the fight to Lilith in the long term using ourDiablo 4 endgameguide, covering all the activities and systems in the game.

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