Diablo 4 voice actors – the full cast list

Characters are frequently brought to life by their voices, and the most recent installment of Blizzard’s Diablo series features several well-known and skilled voice actors. In light of the fact that it can be challenging to distinguish a voice, who are the Diablo 4 voice actors and cast? Let’s put that nagging feeling to rest by highlighting the voice actors who are responsible for the characters in our next demon-slaying journey.

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Diablo 4 voice actors

The voice actors and cast members for Diablo 4 are confirmed to be:

  • Caroline Faber Lilith
  • Gabe Kunda Inarius
  • Anthony Howel Elias
  • Debra Wilson Prava
  • Ralph Ineson Lorath Nahr

In a tweet honoring the brilliant voices bringing the world to life, Blizzard confirmed several of these. The fact that we now know who is voice acting Lilith, Diablo 4’s main enemy, and Elias, her sidekick, is arguably the most interesting aspect of this information.

However, a number of performers have also been rumored to voice the characters, including Gideon Emery as Iosef, Matthew Mercer as the male Druid, and Ray Chase as the male Barbarian. This rumor is the result of devoted fans trying to identify the voice actors for the key characters on the Diablo 4 Reddit page. As new details come to light, we’ll update this manual.

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Having said that, many players have probably heard Ralph Ineson, who voices Lorath Nahr, somewhere else. While there was considerable controversy about it, Yuri Lowenthal did not voice Lorath. This is due to the fact that Lorath was formerly voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. In Diablo 4, Lowenthal won’t be doing the character’s voice, though. Ralph Ineson, an English actor, is assuming the role in its place. Ineson has played a number of notable roles in movies, video games, and television. For instance, you might recognize him from The Green Knight or Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag as Charles Vane or the Green Knight, respectively.

You’re prepared to rejoin the battle against Lilith’s demon horde now that you have the complete list of Diablo 4 voice actors and cast members. Using our Diablo 4 endgame guide, which covers all the game’s activities and systems, learn how you’ll be bringing the fight to Lilith over the long haul.

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