Destiny 2 Salvage explained, loot table, rewards, how to start

With Destiny 2 Season of the Deep here, Guardians are eager to jump into a brand new seasonal activity. To help you get caught up to speed, here s everything you need to know aboutDestiny 2 Salvage, including the loot table, rewards, and how to start the Season 21 activity.

Going toe to toe with Xivu Arath s Hive inDestiny 2will no doubt be a challenge now that they have the support of the Witness. Don t leave for the Salvage activity on Titan without thebest Destiny 2 PvE weapons. For more onDestiny 2 Season of the Deep, you re in the right place. We ve even got everything you need to know aboutDestiny 2 fishing.

Destiny 2 Salvage explained

Salvage is the new three-player matchmade Seasonal activity in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, taking place on Titan as we take the fight to Xivu Arath s Hive.

Similar to Gambit, Salvage begins in the Drifter s ship, where players will then be sent to an area of Titan to face off against the Hive in a brand new seasonal activity, involving battles on the surface and in the surprising new underwater areas coming in Season of the Deep.

How to start Salvage in Destiny 2

To start Salvage in Destiny 2, you will likely have to view the destination map for the H.E.L.M and locate the Salvage playlist, much like previous seasonal activities. Once you ve been matchmade with other Guardians, you ll be thrown into the action on Titan.

Destiny 2 Salvage loot table: A Guardian jumping into the air against a backdrop of the Titan destination.

Destiny 2 Salvage loot table and rewards

The Destiny 2 Salvage loot table and rewards are currently unknown, though we know they will include brand new Season of the Deep weapons.

It s possible that the loot table for Salvage will include the exciting Taken themed weapons we saw in the Destiny 2 Season of the Deep trailer.

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We ll update this guide once we know more about the specific powerful rewards up for grabs in this new seasonal activity for Season 21.

That s everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Salvage seasonal activity, including the loot table and rewards up for grabs. Prepare to take out Xivu Arath s Hive using thebest Destiny 2 Titan build,Destiny 2 Warlock build, andDestiny 2 Hunter build. With new activities to complete and loot to chase, it s a good idea to stay up to date on the latest and greatest.

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