Destiny 2 Iron Banner schedule and dates for Season of the Deep

It’s understandable that fans would want to know when the Iron Banner will make a comeback in Destiny 2 given the fact that a number of activities have daily, weekly, and seasonal rotations in the game. Fortunately, we have the Destiny 2 Iron Banner schedule and Season of the Deep dates covered so you always know when the next Iron Banner is.

You should be ready to face other players after you are aware of the Destiny 2 Iron Banner timetable and dates. A fantastic place to start is by learning about the top Destiny 2 PvP weapons. To find both PvP and PvE loadouts, it’s also worthwhile to look at the greatest Titan builds, best Hunter builds, and best Warlock builds for Destiny 2. For those who are unprepared, the Iron Banner can be a harsh place.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner schedule and dates for Season of the Deep

Currently unclear are the Destiny 2 Iron Banner’s schedule and release dates for Season 21: Season of the Deep, but players may anticipate three events, most likely in June, July, and early August 2023.

If you didn’t play during Season of Defiance, the Iron Banner schedule and dates for Season 21: Season of the Deep might appear a little different than usual. This is due to Bungie’s decision to run three Iron Banner dates per season starting with Season of Defiance.

This was brought on by broad community worries over the rate of reputation growth last year. It is anticipated that this modification will become the norm moving ahead.

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner start time

At the beginning of the weekly reset for Destiny 2, the Iron Banner will start. As is customary for Iron Banner, each event will last for one week.

When everything has been reset, go to the Tower to see Lord Saladin in the courtyard. You can monitor your Iron Banner reputation growth, pick up Iron Banner awards, and earn special Iron Banner bounties here. Keep in mind that you can only do this while the event is running, so be sure to visit Saladin to claim your goodies before the season is through.

And that concludes the Season 21: Season of the Deep Destiny 2 Iron Banner calendar and dates. While you’re building up your Iron Banner reputation, why not test out some of the Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic weapons and equipment against other Guardians?

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