Destiny 2 Gone Fishin’ quest walkthrough

Fishing is one of Destiny 2’s most intriguing new features this season. Yes, fishing is available, and you can get started right away by only finishing the season’s first few quests. You will then get theDestiny 2 Gone Fishinquest which will teach you the ways of the more peaceful Guardian s life as they wait for their lure and bait to do all the work.

Yes, instead of using the new guns like theDestiny 2 Centrifuse, you can put the weapons down for a change and pick up a fishing rod. The best thing is that fishing in Destiny 2 is really simple to learn and plays very similarly to another popular game, Animal Crossing. What you must do is as follows.

Destiny 2 Gone Fishin

The following are the methods to finish the Gone Fishin quest in Destiny 2:

  • Speak to Suraya Hawthorne in the Tower Bazaar 1/7
  • Collect bait by completing Salvage, Deep Dive, playlist activities, public events, patrols, or by collecting destination materials 2/7
  • Catch fish in the Outskirts in the EDZ 3/7
  • Catch fish in The Cistern on Nessus 4/7
  • Catch fish in the Miasma in Savathun s Throne World 5/7
  • Release your caught fish at the aquarium in the H.E.L.M. 6/7
  • Return to Suraya Hawthrone in the Tower Bazaar 7/7

Play a round of Destiny 2 Salvage right away after speaking with Hawthorne to get things started. One completion of the activity will almost give you all the bait you need, allowing you to jump to the EDZ, pick up some materials or do some patrols to reach the required number.

From there, you can then travel to the Outskirts and find the fishing pond. They move around and can spawn in various parts of the area for each of these locations. All you have to do though is look for the bright thin spire shooting up into the air. The fishing pool is located where that pillar of light reaches the ground.

Destiny 2 Gone Fishin: a player can be seen looking at a fishing spot

Once you have caught five fish by pressing square as the hook and bait go underwater you can move on to the next location. Return to the H.E.L.M. and the season’s wing once you have caught five fish each at the designated spots. You will have to deposit your fish to build your aquarium, before finally heading back to the Tower and getting your rewards from Hawthorne.

That s it. Overall Destiny 2 Gone Fishin is a pretty short and easy quest. If you want a guide to the other core quest this season, be sure to take a look at ourDestiny 2 Into The Depthsquest guide, which focuses on the seasonal narrative in Season of the Deep.

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