Destiny 2 Deep Dive explained and how to get Deep Dive Keys

Deep Dive is one of the new activities to come in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, but it s been causing some confusion over how players progress to deeper depths. Well, this guide is going to go over everything you need to know aboutDestiny 2 Deep Dive, as well ashow to get Deep Dive Keysso you re not missing out on loot.

Destiny 2 Deep Diveis just one part of the exciting aquatic themed season, there s alsoDestiny 2 Salvage, the main matchmade activity, and most surprisingly evenDestiny 2 fishing. If you re ready to dive into the depths of Titan in Season 21 or kick back and catch some fish, then you ll be rewarded with unique weapons and armor to boot.

Destiny 2 Deep Dive explained

Deep Dive is a new solo or three-player matchmade Seasonal activity in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, which sends players under the methane ocean of Titan to extract the power Sloane needs to connect with Ahsa.

Guardians will descend deeper as they progress through the activity, earning greater rewards the further they manage to travel. As the in-game activity description states, successfully completing as many random encounters before running out of time will earn you rewards as you reach the seafloor, where you will find a boss fight to turn the tides. However, this has caused confusion as, at least right now, there s a strict limit on how far players can descend. It s likely this is a time-gated activity, with each week opening up lower levels to complete.

Deep Dive has four main features to be aware of:

  • Power level Power is fixed, with each depth activating a new modifier for the rest of the activity and increasing enemy Power
  • Asha s Gifts Players can choose a random gift buff from Asha at each depth
  • Wrathful Predator Final blows on these unique enemies will grant extra time on the objective
  • Rewards Successfully completing a depth increases the rewards and challenges of the next. Players can opt in to Pressure Trial versions of activities for even greater rewards

With these in mind, dive into Deep Dive either solo or alongside other players and try to complete as many challenges as you can to earn big rewards.

It s also worth noting that Deep Dive will be the main activity you will need to complete each week to progress theDestiny 2 Into the Depthsquest, the main story of Season 21.

Destiny 2 Deep Dive Keys: A Guardian facing off against a Hive Wizard in an area under Titan's sea.

How to get Deep Dive Keys in Destiny 2

To get Deep Dive Keys in Destiny 2, complete ritual playlist activities and rank up the Season Pass vendor in the H.E.L.M.Deep Dive Keys are automatically redeemed when opening the Deep Chest at the end of a Deep Dive activity to improve the rewards.

These are very similar to the Defiant Key system from Season 21: Season of Defiance, so you will find yourself at home if you ve played the previous season. Remember though, these are relatively rare drops, especially at the start of the season when players don t have access to the seasonal upgrades. You will likely have to complete several of the above activities to get a Deep Dive Key, unless luck is on your side.

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That s all you need to know about Destiny 2 Deep Dive activities, and perhaps most importantly, how to get Deep Dive Keys so you can get better loot from the Deep Chest at the end. If you re heading into the dark and dangerous depths of Titan, be sure to bring theDestiny 2 best weaponswith you. Better yet, why not bring theDestiny 2 Centrifuseseasonal Exotic weapon for Season of the Deep?

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