Destiny 2 Centrifuse perks and traits, how to get

Are you interested in the characteristics and benefits offered by the Destiny 2 Centrifuseweapon as well as how to obtain it? Now that Season of the Deep is arrived, you can get this thrilling auto-rifle, which really fits into the worn-out and dated appearance of some of the other weapons in the season, complementing the deep sea theme.

Along with being attractive, the bonuses and attributes that come with this weapon have the potential to significantly alter the way that the Crucible is currently played. So, continue reading if you want a concise overview of what to anticipate from this weapon in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Centrifuse perks and traits

The Centrifuse exotic weapon from Destiny 2 has the following benefits and characteristics:

  • Overcharge Capacitor Sprinting, sliding, and firing this weapon builds a temporary electrostatic charge, increasing range and reload speed. Final blows with high charge cause explosions, and maximum charge explosions blind targets. (Intrinsic Trait)
  • Corkscrew Rifling Balanced Barrel slightly increases range and stability, as well as handling speed. (Barrel)
  • Appended Mag This weapon has an increased magazine size. (Magazine)
  • Regenerative Motion Sprinting gradually reloads this weapon. (Trait)
  • Hand-Laid Stock This weapon has increased stability, optimized for recoil control. (Stock)

The better version of the weapon type, the low rate-of-fire, low magazine auto rifle, fits into this archetype. As a result, in addition to PvE, it can be a powerful challenger in PvP. With its explosive and passive effects, its Overcharge Capacitor Intrinsic Trait sticks out in particular. This trait is expected to be incredibly potent in Crucible when employing some of the greatest Destiny 2 PvP weapons.

How to get Centrifuse in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, you can unlock Centrifuse by climbing to rank 1 in the paid Season of the Deep season pass or rank 35 in the free Season of the Deep season pass.

You can get it very easy, and as long as you’re finishing quests, rewards, and other tasks, you should be able to use it fairly quickly! The Season of the Deep trailer, which you can view below, portrays it as being quite slick:

YouTube Thumbnail

After all, the electrostatic charge is a rather potent enhancement, and the additional range and reload speed are very helpful for automatic rifles. Similar to Salvage in Destiny 2, the explosions also blend in well with the Season of the Deep activities.

Why not look at some of the other goods available in Season of the Deep now that you are aware of how to obtain Centrifuse in Destiny 2? These contain some amazingly distinctive cosmetics drawn from popular PlayStation series like God of War, Horizon, Ratchet & Clank, and others.

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