How To Convert Webp to Png? A Complete Guide In 2023!

Converting web images from WEBP to JPEG or PNG is useful if you download them frequently. Almost every website uses WEBP images, and you may have encountered them without realizing it until you tried to save them and saw the “Save as…” option.

To better show web photos, Google created a special compression technique called WEBP(opens in new tab) which may be accessed here. They can be up to a third smaller in size while maintaining the same high quality as when saved in the more common JPEG or PNG format.

Unfortunately, many mainstreams (and paid) image editors still don’t work with WEBP. This prevents you from using WEBP images that you’ve downloaded to your computer for any purpose other than viewing them.

An option is to right-click the WEBP picture on the page, select “Open image in a new tab,” and then the screen captures the image. Of course, this won’t help the picture’s quality at all; in fact, it’ll end up being a quite poor resolution.

If you want more flexibility with your image editing, saving it as a JPG or PNG from the original WEBP file is your best bet. Below, we’ll show you how to free convert WEBP to either JPG or PNG using either of the methods we recommend.

How to Convert Webp to Jpeg or Png Using Microsoft Paint?

convert webp to png

Microsoft Paint is one of the few image editors that can read and even convert WEBP files, however many others can’t. While this in-built Windows program may not seem like much, it does an excellent job of transforming WEBP photos into more common formats like JPG and PNG. This is the usage guide, so follow along.

1. open Microsoft Paint by selecting it from the Start menu or by searching for it in Windows and then selecting the first result.

Choose Open from Paint’s File menu.

2. select the WEBP image file you wish to convert by clicking the Open button and then navigating to the file.

3. To save the WEBP picture in Paint, choose the File menu and then scroll down to “Save as.” Make your choice between “JPEG Picture” and “PNG Picture” on the drop-down menu.

4. A Save As dialog will then appear, where you can give the converted image a name and select a destination folder. Save the file as a JPEG or PNG by selecting the appropriate format from the “Save as type” menu.

Now you can use the image editor of your choice to view your converted WEBP file. Alternatively, if you’re set on using Paint, check out our tutorial on how to modify photos with Paint.

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How to Convert Webp to Jpeg or Png Using an Online Converter 

CloudConvert is a great online application for converting WEBP files to JPG or PNG if you’re not working on a Windows Desktop (opens in a new tab). In a matter of seconds, you can use this site with macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux in addition to Windows.

Step 1: Open a new tab in your computer’s or mobile device’s browser and navigate to CloudConvert. To open the drop-down menu next to the Choose File button, either click or tap the arrow.

You can convert a WEBP file directly from the web by entering its URL, or you can import it from a cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

When you upload a file in WEBP format, CloudConvert will recognize it as such and convert it without you having to do anything. If not, choose “Image” and then “WEBP” from the “Convert” option.

Step 2: Now select “Image,” and from the “Convert to” submenu, pick either “JPEG” or “PNG.”

You can change the page title to “WEBP to JPG Converter” or “WEBP to PNG Converter” and CloudConvert will reflect the change. To begin the conversion, select “Convert” from the menu.

Step 3: Decide whether you want the page title to read “WEBP to JPG Converter” or “WEBP to PNG Converter,” and CloudConvert will automatically update the title to reflect your selection. If you want to convert your file, just click the “Convert” button.

To most people’s satisfaction, CloudConvert’s daily 25-file limit (in any format) for free conversion is more than enough. Registration on the site, followed by the purchase of credits (termed “conversion minutes”) or the payment of a subscription, is required if more is required.

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