Avowed release date speculation, trailers, and more

When will the affirmed release occur? Obsidian’s upcoming blockbuster RPG, Avowed, is expected to be huge, and anticipation for it is through the roof. In the same setting as the Pillars of Eternity series is the fantasy role-playing game set in the Eora realm.

It should come as no surprise given Obsidian’s track record that many anticipate the upcoming game to rank among the top Xbox Series X games. Avowed will be playable, along with other Xbox Game Pass titles, when it finally launches, which is an even bigger gain for those who have a Game Pass subscription. But when will you be able to travel to Eora?

Avowed release date speculation

A late 2024 or early 2025 release date for Avowed is anticipated. The game hasn’t received any updates since July 2020, and it wasn’t included in the 2022 Xbox Games Showcase, so it’s obvious that it’s still a while before it will be ready for release.

This is just a hunch because Microsoft hasn’t announced the game’s official release date, so we’ll have to hold off on making a decision until we hear from them directly. latest disclosure from insiderXtas1son According to YouTube, Obsidian is aiming for a Q2 2024 release date; however, we’d advise taking this information with a grain of salt because goals frequently shift.

Avowed trailers

As of right now, the only Avowed teaser we’ve seen was during the Xbox reveal in July 2020. In this CGI trailer, we were given a brief introduction to the world of Eora as it appears in the video game Avowed. We were also given an idea of the tone of the game.

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That concludes our knowledge about Obsidian’s RPG prior to the Avowed release date. Before we learn more about the forthcoming game, you may check out the top Xbox RPG games to satisfy your need for roleplaying. You may also see what else is (hopefully) forthcoming by looking at the other future Xbox games.

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