All Destiny 2 Season of the Deep weapons

Each new season sees an expansion to our arsenal, and Season 21: Season of the Deep is no different. In fact, there s lots of new weapons up for grabs, including some unique Taken inspired weapons. To help you keep track, here are all theDestiny 2 Season of the Deep weapons.

For long-time fans of the game, theDestiny 2Season 21 weapons also include some old favourites in the form of Reckoning weapons, which could rise to the top of the pack and rank among theDestiny 2 best weapons. To get your hands on some of these weapons, be sure to try out the newDestiny 2 Salvageactivity and evenDestiny 2 fishingto add these to your collection.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep weapons

The Destiny 2 Season of the Deep weapons are:

  • Centrifuse Exotic Arc auto rifle
  • Old Sterling Strand auto rifle
  • Combined Action Arc hand cannon
  • Glissando-47 Strand scout rifle
  • Last Foray Solar sniper rifle
  • Spare Rations Kinetic hand cannon
  • Bug-Out Bag Solar SMG
  • Outlast Solar pulse rifle
  • Last Man Standing Solar shotgun
  • Sole Survivor Arc sniper rifle
  • Just in Case Solar sword
  • Targeted Redaction Void hand cannon
  • Rapacious Appetite Stasis SMG
  • Different Times Strand pulse rifle
  • Until Its Return Strand shotgun
  • A Distant Pull Stasis sniper rifle
  • Thin Precipice Strand sword
  • Age-Old Bond Void auto rifle
  • Apex Predator Solar rocket launcher
  • Chattering Bone Kinetic pulse rifle
  • Nation of Beasts Arc hand cannon
  • The Supremacy Kinetic sniper rifle
  • Techeun Force Arc fusion rifle
  • Transfiguration Kinetic scout rifle
  • Tyranny of Heaven Solar bow
  • Last Rite Kinetic scout rifle

As you can see, there s a lot of Season 21 weapons to collect. Luckily, many are old favourites returning with fresh perks or new weapons filling niches we don t have, particularly with Strand. For example, Old Sterling is a Strand auto rifle, Until Its Return is a Strand shotgun, and Different Times is a Strand pulse rifle. These will be great for when you need a particular category of Strand weapon, either to take out Champions or to take advantage of Strand Singe modifiers.

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Centrifuse is the Exotic Destiny 2 Season of the Deep weapon that you ll definitely want to add to your collection. Find out all about it in ourDestiny 2 Centrifuseguide.

This Arc auto rifle will be particularly strong when paired with an Arc build as it has several interactions with the keywords from that subclass, including Blinding targets. It s also great for fast playstyles since it gradually reloads and builds charge when sprinting and performing other actions.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep weapons: An image of all the Taken themed Season 21 weapons you can get.

Taken weapons

Among the many Season 21 weapons are a variety of Taken themed weapons. While these have the same base weapon model as the iconic Reckoning weapons, these Taken weapons are completely separate weapons, bearing different names, elements, perks, and even weapon archetype. As such, don t be confused thinking they re the same weapon with a different ornament both are worth chasing.

Different Times, a 540 RPM Strand pulse rifle is likely to be a standout choice as it comes with some great perks like Hatchling, Target Lock, Outlaw, Multikill Clip, and Headseeker. Targeted Redaction, a 120 RPM Void hand cannon is also looking to be a good option, especially for Void builds.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep weapons: An image of all the Season 21 Reckoning weapons that are returning.

Reckoning weapons

The Season of the Deep weapons also include the return of the Reckoning weapons, which, besides their amazing designs, are also strong weapons that quickly reached the top of many player s lists. Again, these Reckoning weapons are distinctly different guns to the Taken versions.

Perhaps the most exciting weapon this weapon, Spare Rations makes a return in Season 21. Spare Rations, a 140 RPM hand cannon, is a fan-favourite in PvP thanks to great perks rolls like Rapid Hit and Kill Clip. With new perks, it s also got a great PvE roll with Rapid Hit and Kinetic Tremors.

Last Wish weapons

While the Last Wish weapons aren t technically new in Season of the Deep, they have all been updated with new perks and crafting functionality. Now, all Last Wish weapons have the Explosive Pact origin trait, which grants bonus stability and reload speed when activating a grenade ability. This adds even more power to already strong choices in PvE and PvE.

Keep an eye out particularly for Chattering Bone, the 450 RPM Kinetic pulse rifle. This has long been a popular choice in PvP thanks to its fast time-to-kill. With perks like Rapid Hit, Kill Clip, Headseeker, Threat Detector, and Kinetic Tremors, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with.

That s all the Destiny 2 Season of the Deep weapons you can get your hands on this season as we explore the depths of Titan to learn more about the Witness. While you re at it, don t forget to keep an eye on theDestiny 2 best PvP weaponsso you re always ready for Trials, Iron Banner, and Crucible.

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